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Issue 49: From the Editor

We’ve officially hit the busiest part of our season here at Kitelife with events of one kind or another every single weekend until AKA Nationals in October… Aside from the travel involved, we’ve got two daily updates in the works (WSIKF & AKAGN) plus the usual work on our bi-monthly ezine and the next volume […]

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Issue 49: AKA Corner

Dues. Why does AKA need us to pay dues to be a member? I’ve often talked in these pages about the benefits of being part of AKA. But I’ve seldom touched on what it costs AKA to provide those benefits. Since 1999, we’ve been charging $30 for a basic USA membership. Members overseas or requesting […]

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Issue 49: Dave’s World: Lincoln City Summer Festival

Susie and I are used to driving to the airport on kite weekends. So it is something special when we can pile gear in the car and go straight to the field. And when that field is close enough to home that we can sleep in our own bed, it is extraspecial! Lincoln City kite […]

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Issue 49: Drachen Archives: Featured Item

The historical record of kites in Korea dates back to the seventh-century Silla Dynasty, when General Gim Yu-Sin is said to have used a fireball-carrying kite to simulate a star. The general’s troops, whose confidence had been shaken by the bad omen of a falling star, saw what they thought was the star shooting back […]

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Issue 49: Letters to the Editor

Although we get only the occasional “letter to Kitelife”, we’re always happy to receive them and share in this section of each issue. Your feedback is very important, as it gives us the best input on ways to improve, streamline or expand… Something we’re always trying to do. Consider this a personal invitation to write […]

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Issue 49: Featured Store: Into The Wind

Each month we’ll be featuring one of the fine retailers who have been so supportive of Kitelife and other areas of the kiting community…The retailers you’ll find here are established, proven vendors. Into The Wind 1408 Pearl St. Boulder, CO  80302 303-449-5356 or 800-541-0314 Floor space: Retail store 2,600 sq ft; 12,000 sq ft […]

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Issue 49: REVisions: Team Up!

Apparently, my trip to France in April still hasn’t really left my brain yet. When John and I returned, by the next festival in the Northwest, we were flying as multiline pairs (“Felonious Monk” obviously, I’m the monk-ey…) and we’d started pondering how to put together our own rev team, which came to be called […]

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Issue 49: Multiple Sport Kite Flying

My aim in this article is to share my experience and a learning method about Multiple Sport Kite Flying with you. I hope this will be a useful guide for beginners. Being a pioneer in Argentina for this practice, I consider myself one of those in the world following in the steps of Ray Bethell, […]

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E - Sam and Anne and Grandchild

Issue 49: Kids Day at WSIKF

We all pay our “lip service.” Everybody says it: KITES are for KIDS of all ages !!! Yeah, we say that at Kitelife, too. Among other things, of course… And we’re generally talking about the “kid” in all of us too! But it’s not all that often that we’re actually talking about youngsters… Anyway, every […]

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Issue 49: Flying in Patagonia

Patagonia Argentina, magic land, nature in pure state where the great Dinosaurs inhabited million years ago, summoned us to practice of acrobatic kite flying. This land offers us a wide range of recreational opportunities to enjoy in family. Great forests, mountain, plateaus, cliffs, beaches, sea, native flora and fauna, are different landscapes can be found […]

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