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Issue 51: From the Editor

Greetings and welcome to issue fifty-one of Kitelife, and our last of 2006. As we prepare for another year of kite flying, I see a pattern of good things and energy happening on several fronts throughout North American kiting and abroad… This is an amazing pastime, let’s keep at it! I really believe that we […]

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Issue 51: AKA Corner

Hello from the new president. The AKA is part of my family, and I am honored to serve as the AKA president. I’m not sure how many of you have ever read the purpose of the AKA in the bylaws. It’s really not the kind of thing most people curl up with at night but […]

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Issue 51: Dave’s World: The Whistling Cities of Nantong

I’m flying home today after five days in Nantong, China — home of the exquisite whistling kites. Titles are everything here. And so I had attended the Yangkou Port Cup, the Nantong International Kite Festival, and the China Domestic Kite Contest – all combined on one dusty beach at the edge of the East China […]

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Issue 51: Dave’s World: The Highs and Lows of Being a Kite Celebrity

I’m pretty certain there was a sign somewhere on the table that said “Look out for the dumplings!!” Of course, it would have been written in Chinese. And it would have said that inside the soft dumpling was a soft plum. And inside the soft plum was a really hard pit!! I had an early […]

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Issue 51: Drachen Archives – Bell Tetrahedral Cells

After describing Alexander Graham Bell’s Sable Island kite (a version of Hargrave’s box kite) in the Drachen Foundation’s last Archive feature article, I will focus now on the tetrahedrals themselves. The DF Archive holds four early cells, without sails, from Bell’s laboratory at Beinn Bhreagh, made before he had switched to aluminum tubing for the […]

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Issue 51: Featured Store (Gomberg Kites)

Each month we’ll be featuring one of the fine retailers who have been so supportive of Kitelife and other areas of the kiting community…The retailers you’ll find here are established, proven vendors. Gomberg Kite Productions Intl. We are Gomberg Kite Productions International (GKPI) from Neotsu Oregon. Look for us on any global map where the […]

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Issue 51: ProFile with Zach Gordon

We’re sitting around the Kitelife office before we head off the the AKA Convention / Grand Nationals. I was trying to prep a little, going through last year’s competition scores on the AKA website. John Barresi normally doesn’t “handicap” any comp events ahead of time, but I decided I’d try and get a little information […]

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Issue 51: REVisions: What’s New?

This issue, I’ll touch on a few topics that have cropped over since I last wrote in this space. It’s been a very busy fall season for me, so here’s some of what went on. AKA Grand Nationals Des Moines, IA The beginning of October saw many kite flyers gather in Des Moines, Iowa. For […]

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Issue 51: What are you flying? Oh, nothing.

Yup, as the title suggests I built a flying zero, nothing, nada, zip, zilch! Well sort of, almost, kind of. The kite itself has the official name of “Circoflex”. Seeing it flying congers up so many different descriptions. For several years now I have looked at plans of this kite and had put it on […]

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Issue 51: A bench in Canada…

Thank you “Everyone” for the outstanding honor you have bestowed on me. What a total surprise, to be so honored by the BCKA and from Kite Friends from all over the world, plus one’s home town which even makes it a more heartfelt occasion. I have never felt so humble and so proud at the […]

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