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Issue 56: From the Editor

Fall greetings to all our readers, and welcome to another issue of Kitelife! We came off the presses a day late with this one, with our web staff in transit between the Niagara Kite Festival and the AKA Grand Nationals (AKAGN) which begins this week in Ocean Shores, WA… Click here for daily updates (Tue-Sat) from the […]

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Issue 56: AKA Corner

What does the AKA have for sport kite oriented fliers and festival organizers? Lots of stuff! Check out this list of items. (Items are in no particular order) Sport Kite Rulebook  (jointly issued by STACK, AJSKA and the AKA) The official sport kite rules recognized through out Europe, Japan and United States. . The rulebook […]

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Issue 56: Dave’s World: Livin large in lunen

Mike Agner and I are just back from the huge German festival of Lunen. What we found was a festival where the beer budget for staff exceeded the total budget of most US events. There was precious little to eat if you were a vegetarian or counting carbs. And through circumstances I prefer not to […]

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Greger Files

Issue 56: Drachen Archives: “The Black Files”

In addition to the hundreds of kites, tools, photos, and books in its collection, the Drachen Foundation’s archive also includes what is known at the Study Center as “the black files.” Contained in 21 three-drawer filing cabinets are thousands of documents, photographs, newspaper clippings and letters. Two of the gems contained here are the files […]

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post card from al hargus 88

Issue 56: ProFile with Pam Kirk & Mike Dennis

One of the joys and delights of working on Kitelife is the opportunity to “interview” the noteworthy folks who’ve made a difference in kiting – or who are making a difference now. Well, this issue of Kitelife, you’ll get to meet Pam Kirk and Mike Dennis from San Diego. And this couple has been involved […]

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Issue 56: REVisions: Quad Potpourri

Having drawn a complete blank on something “specific” to write about for Revisions in this issue (despite asking a couple of people for ideas), I’m choosing the time honored article style that I call “a quad potpourri”. There’s certainly been no lack of things going on in the world of quad kites, so, I’ll touch […]

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Callaway 2005 017

Issue 56: Featured Store: Picture Pretty Kites

Each month we’ll be featuring one of the fine retailers who have been so supportive of Kitelife and other areas of the kiting community…The retailers you’ll find here are established, proven vendors. Picture Pretty Kites 6512 N. 44th Omaha NE 68112 Phone: 1-877-453-4970 Floor Space: 27ft Trailer Hours of operation: 24/7 via the web, […]

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Issue 56: Berkeley Kite Festival

For years now, people have been referring to Berkeley, California’s annual kite festival as “Berserkeley”, insinuating crazy winds, at all times. Yet, with this second trip to the festival, I have yet to see it for myself! Held during the last weekend of July by Highline Kites, at Cesar E. Chavez Park, the event simply […]

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Issue 56: Washington State International Kite Festival

Well, we’re headed off to the Washington State International Kite Festival – or as it’s know on the field – ‘WSIKF’ (and it’s pronounced just like it looks – “Whisk-If).” But there’re a couple of things you should know about WSIKF – and a couple of things you should know about Kitelife’s reporting of the […]

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Issue 56: Frank Mots Kite Festival

Once upon a time, in the city of Milwaukee, there was a man that was called The Kite Man. He was usually seen down at Veterans Park, sown by the lake shore. He flew kites, made kites, and taught others how to fly kites, It’s the Kite Man’s real name, Frank Mots, that the Frank […]

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