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Issue 60: From the Editor

One of the things I have long enjoyed about reading this publication (before I stepped into my current role of Editor at Large…) has been the articles that show up from all over the globe. And this issue has that in spades with stops in China, Japan, Thailand, Guam, France and all over North America! […]

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Issue 60: AKA Corner

This is your AKA. Please tell us what we can be doing for you. Anyone with suggestions or concerns should contact their Regional Director. We have opened up the Board Meeting process. The Bylaws say that Board Meetings are open to all members. It is true, they are. But Board Meetings are traditionally held by […]

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Issue 60: Dave’s World: Thailand

Twelve or so years ago, I was flying in Tasmania. The festival was winding down and I was trying to buy a coke or something and found myself a few dollars short. Mike Richards, who I had just met, loaned me five bucks and then went home before I could pay him back. In January, […]

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Issue 60: Dave’s World: Guam

Regular Update readers have heard me rave about Guam before. Think of the best elements of Hawaii, Tokyo, and perhaps Arizona, and you begin to get the general idea. Great hotels, good food, great customer service and no tipping! But there is much more to this island territory than a Polynesian culture with Spanish influence […]

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Issue 60: KiteChi with The Coreylama

I had a nearly complete piece written all filled with more things we can do to alter the future of our kite club. I am on something of a tear concerning the future of the AKA. I started with this club back when kite flying was mostly single-line and mostly a hobby practiced by older, […]

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Issue 60: Drachen Archives: Gloria Stuart

I’m afraid I have an embarrassing story to tell.  There may be any number of lessons to be learned, but at the very least it’s a lesson in keeping your mind open to the unlikeliest of possibilities.  It’s also a story appropriate to the Drachen Foundation, as it was on this trip that I met […]

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Issue 60: REVisions: Megaflys Worldwide!

Well what a pair of months for quad flying it was. I can very safely say that I don’t think I’ve ever had as busy of a time as it’s been, covering roughly 25,000 miles of air travel across 14 flights into 11 different airports across two continents. Phew, my packing skills have received their […]

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Issue 60: iQuad in Japan – Part 1

Last fall at the AKA Grand Nationals in Ocean Shores, John and I were sitting down to breakfast Saturday morning. It was completely awful outside with a downpour coming down, coupled with really high winds. It was a bit of a letdown as we’d wanted to fly the day away, but this being the Pacific […]

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Issue 60: World Sport Kite Championships

What can I say? World? Yes, 13 teams from 7 countries competed this year. Sport? Of course, it had fun, friendship and healthy competition. Kite? No dough, lots and lots of kites filled the sky of Berck sur Mer; not only dual line kites, revolutions, giants, KAP and everything you can imagine too. Championship? Oh […]

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Issue 60: Great Lakes Kite Festival

As far back as I can remember checking into kite festivals, Grand Haven, or, The Great Lakes Kite Festival has always been high up on my radar as one to visit. Being one of the natural habitats for large rev stacks (thank you Lee Sedgewick and Sam Ritter!), it’s the place to go for any […]

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