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Issue 63: From the Editor

  In a nice change of pace, this was one of the few issues I got to edit entirely from home without having to juggle being away somewhere with the “to do” list that accompanies the building of every issue, struggling with wireless connections and trying to efficiently edit all within one screen! Kind of […]

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Issue 63: AKA Corner

Hello there. I hope this finds you well and with time and weather to fly kites. Rumors: I am constantly amazed at what I hear coming back through the grapevine. I hear that the AKA is losing money hand over fist, we are eating our seed corn, there is complete mismanagement. So let’s talk. The […]

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Issue 63: Dave’s World: South African Experience

Peace Park in the Khayelitsha Township is a dusty, windblown patch of ground in a sea of tiny cinderblock homes. This is the ritzy part of town. Further out, thousands of dwellings are made from plywood, corrugated metal, tar paper, and plastic tarps. Each year, we come here to fly kites with kids that most […]

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Issue 63: Drachen Archives: Making Kites Fly

The front end of every exhibition is the vision. It was Francisco Toledo’s vision to design and paint his images on handmade paper at a mill outside of Oaxaca, Mexico ten years ago.  In ten years, this vision turned the economic corner and began to make a profit.  In celebration of this accomplishment, Toledo celebrated […]

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Issue 63: REVisions RECapped

This time last year, I was rambling on about the coming year’s events for Revolution’s 20th anniversary. Some days, that seems like just yesterday, but, at other moments, it seems like it was an awfully long time ago, especially as John and I first chattered about such an idea back in 2006 for the first […]

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Issue 63: Empty Spaces: Scott Spencer

It was with a heavy heart that we recieved an email from Mike Dallmer recently, that informed of us Scott Spencer’s passing. To get an idea of just how much Scott accomplished on behalf of kiting, take a look at the list of achievements listed in his nomination for the Eideken Award and the next […]

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Issue 63: Empty Spaces: David Davies

Editor’s note : A true orginator in the world of kite design, David Davies invented one of the only quad line kites to be a completely different kite from the Revolution. Truly a joy to fly and now flown all over the world, this man will be missed by many. Below is from Con Engel’s […]

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Issue 63: Red Bull Revisited

Yes folks, not only have the Kite Performers team succesfully completed another year with the Red Bull Air Races, but their schedule has actually expanded outside the Air Race itself to include some of Red Bull’s Flugtag events which have provided a whole new scope of challenges (flying off boats – for example) and opportunities […]

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Issue 63: Tokyo Bay Flight Party

I’d put away my fleece jacket and wind-proofs after the STACK Eurocup at Scheveningen in September, but was delighted to dig them out again following a surprise invitation from AJSKA to join in the fun at the Tokyo Bay Flight Party (TBFP), held over the weekend of 15/16 November. A long way to go to […]

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Issue 63: Niagara International Kite Festival

The 2008 edition of the Niagara Falls International Kite Festival often looked and felt more like a three-ring circus then it did a kite festival. There were multiple venues in two countries (Canada & USA), over the course of five days (Wednesday 1 October ~ Sunday 5 October), with various teams attempting to reach a […]

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