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2009 AKA Convention: Day 6

Holy smokes was it cold this morning! While there were rumors of impending snow, the skies managed to stay pretty clear for the better part of the day… Indeed, it was quite cold with 30 degree weather, down as low as 17 degrees with wind chill, yet everyone who made it out to the field clearly […]

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2009 AKA Convention: Day 5

We appeared to have a larger number of particiants in our morning workshops today, likey due to the influx of fliers who showed up yesterday (late arrivals) and due to the wide appeal of today’s offerings… “Yellow, Red & Blue; OH! And Violet” by John Pollock in which he demonstrated painting techniques on fabric, color […]

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2009 AKA Convention: Day 4

The schedule was pretty relaxed today with comprehensive kitemaking competition continuing both indoors and out, with a number of excellent entries from both new and returning artists. The morning workshops included “Kitebuilding 101 – Classroom sled (make and take)” by Richard and Marti Dermer, “13, The Lucky Region” by Bernard Fourniere and “Make and Take a […]

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2009 AKA Convention: Day 3

The first wave of todays morning workshops were “Recruiting for Fun” by Gayle Woodul, “Judging Handmade Kites: Before the Competition” by Steve Ferrell & Co., “Wave Your Banner (make and take)” by Phil Broder… The second round of workshops were “Changing AKA’s Fiscal Year – Or Not: and Other Hot Topics” by John Burkhardt and […]

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2009 AKA Convention: Day 2

Tuesday morning saw quite a deluge of rain, still cold, putting a slight damper on everyone’s excitement to get out to the field for some real flying… Everything kicked off with a series of workshops including “Kite Crafts” by Dale & Pam Bowden, “National Kite Month” by Rick Hawkins and “Miniature Celtic Kite Designs” by […]

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2009 AKA Convention: Day 1

With fifteen conventions under my belt as of this one, I do like arriving at AKAGN a day early to watch everything slowly coming together, getting the lay of the land and finding my favorite little eateries and coffee joints, not to mention preparation for these daily updates, last minute kite tweaks and getting caught up […]

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