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Issue 65: From the Editor

Wow, can you believe this issue marks our 11th year as an Internet magazine? Still run by kitefliers, for kitefliers like it was in the beginning, and while the variety and quality of content may fluctuate as it does with any publication, we’ve always tried to deliver a real “from the streets” kind of flavor, […]

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Issue 65: AKA Corner

I hope this finds you well and thinking about kites. Here is the latest from the AKA. Board Chats: Thanks to the efforts and insight of AKA Secretary Sherri Pigeon, we are now having informal Board chats once a month. Our conferencing system has virtually unlimited use, so we are using it. Once a month […]

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Issue 65: Dave’s World – Pasir Gudang

Getting to Malaysia isn’t hard. It just takes time. In my own case, I flew from Seattle to Tokyo, and then connected to Singapore. That’s about 30 hours of travel time. I arrived and linked up with the rest of the group at mid-night. Our driver arrived at three and we were delivered to our […]

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Step Four

Issue 65: Dave’s World: Tips and Techniques

The Tire Technique… A few years back, I was flying at a festival in New Zealand. Another kiter had attached several large piece to the bumper-hitch of a small truck. When the wind came up, the back end lifted, the brakes disengaged, and the truck rolled over a child. Fortunately, the kid was smaller than […]

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Issue 65: Drachen Archives: Traditions of Woodblock

In Japan in the early 18th Century began a great kite-hysteria that lasted through most of the 19th Century.  This 200 year period also saw the dramatic rise in popularity of the Kabuki Theater, a time when actors were the most famous citizens in their cities.  Another group of artists that were able to exert […]

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Issue 65: News Reel

New sculpture takes flight By HAYLEY GALE – The Nelson Mail Last updated 13:56 18/03/2009 A new publicly funded sculpture that represents the coming together of the diverse community of Golden Bay has been installed outside the Takaka Memorial Library. Entitled Nga Hou E Wha (The Four Winds), the metal sculpture depicting four kites was […]

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Issue 65: Kite Comics

This issue marks the first set of kite cartoons we’ve had made for Kitelife Magazine, courtesy of Dan Thompson (Funny Cartoonist)… These two were just made “off the cuff”, but we’d like to start sending Dan some photos for inspiration now and then, photos which might aptly display some of the humorous situations we sometimes […]

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Issue 65: ProFile: Paul de Bakker

I first had the pleasure of meeting Paul de Bakker nearly four years ago in Lincoln City, Oregon. Paul was one of the “Invited Fliers” at the Indoor Kite Festival Lincoln City puts on each year, and we sort of hit it off so to speak. During that memorable event, Paul flew some of the […]

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Issue 65: REVisions: 3D Flying / Catch & Throw

A few years ago, I showed up at a local kite festival, all hell-bent on competing for the first time in many years. As had been my custom for years, I was on short lines, likely a 60-foot set. This was what I usually flew on, and I’d be surprised if I owned a set […]

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Issue 65: Kite Plan: The “Sedgwickcube”

We first saw this kite bobbing over the boardwalk at Ocean City, Maryland during the 1998 Maryland International Kite Expo. Strolling underneath was its genial maker, Lee Sedgwick of Erie, Pennsylvania. The shiny kite had concave spars bowed out of each end and a sliding bridle that enabled him to roll and bounce it over […]

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