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Issue 75: From the Editor

We’re heading into the Christmas season and setting up our tree, approaching the end of the year and looking forward to a new one coming up – after twelve years since Mike Gillard started Kitelife, we’re still going strong, bringing you a wide variety of kiting articles, interviews, photos, videos and general coverage from all […]

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Issue 75: Kites… Life.

In lieu of any pressing topics for my column this month, I’ve got a handful of news items and other recent projects which may be of interest… Video sharing just for kite fliers YouTube has definitely become the focal point for uploaded kite video online due to the fact it’s free to use, videos can […]

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Issue 75: AKA Corner

Are you a current member of the AKA? Now, before you answer, think, have you received any email messages from the AKA lately? My latest message went out 2 weeks ago in the cool new format. Did you receive it? If not, either we don’t have your current email, or your membership has lapsed. Take […]

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Issue 75: Dave’s World: Khayelitsha, South Africa

Kiting on the Cape! October 26, 2010 I’m sitting in Boulder Beach near Cape Town in South Africa. We’re out on the deck and among the stars overhead is the Southern Cross. Our group is enjoying the end of a long day. In the distance, I can hear the penguins baying. South Africa is a […]

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Issue 75: Dave’s World: Claudio Capelli Showcase

November 16, 2010 The international festival in Dieppe, France, did something delightful this year. From around the world, they collected, borrowed, and begged more than two dozen magnificent kites painted by Italian artist Claudio Capelli. The kites were showcased in City Hall and mesmerized assembled kiters during the Mayor’s reception. Later in the week, I […]

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The contemporary work a new kite team

Issue 75: Drachen Archives: Painting with Papel China

Many of you don’t know that I have another artistic passion – distinct and different from creating kites in ripstop nylon or paper – it is ballroom dancing and I’m finally feeling (after ten years) that I’m learning what the hell I’m doing! I had the opportunity, recently, to spend two days in San Diego […]

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Issue 75: News Reel

Commerce: Kabul, Afghanistan “Sometimes we sell up to 20,000 kites a day,” says Tamim, 35, who goes only by one name, and who has been selling kites for 20 years on Kabul’s busy market street, Strand Bazaar.”…in-kabul-happiness-flies-in-the-sky Danger: Aayush was flying kites with one of his friends when their kite got entangled in the […]

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Issue 75: Kite Comics

This issue marks the second set of kite cartoons we’ve had made for Kitelife Magazine, courtesy of Dan Thompson (Funny Cartoonist)… These two were just made “off the cuff”, but we’d like to start sending Dan some photos for inspiration now and then, photos which might aptly display some of the humorous situations we sometimes […]

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Will Sturdy creating in his workshop

Issue 75: ProFile: Will Sturdy

It’s been nearly a year and a half since our last interview here at Kitelife and we figured what better opportunity for our next one, than with this young up-and-comer from Williamsburg, Virginia. Having quickly earned a name for himself as an excellent sport kite pilot and competitor, Will Sturdy is also an accomplished kite […]

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Japanese Kite Exhibition and Demonstration

Issue 75: Japan in Argentina – Cultural Exchange

** Haga clic aquí para leer este artículo en Español ** The idea of Japan in Argentina emerged from different exchange cultural vision: The exhibition; flying demonstrations; painting; miniature kites; dancing; music and traditional Japanese drums. The place was “Complejo Cultural y Ambiental Jardín Japonés de Buenos Aires”. This sanctuary park was built on February […]

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