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Issue 76: From the Editor

Well, I’m here to tell you it’s been a tough winter for content and we really found ourselves working hard with our contributors to bring a fairly solid line up of articles and reports for this latest issue… However – I’m greatly looking forward to the coming season, I expect to see great things and […]

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KTAI Best Kite Promotional Effort of 2010

Issue 76: Kites… Life.

What a great year we had for kiting in 2010! At least that’s my opinion… I don’t mean in terms of measurable growth, but in the little changes I’ve seen in the mentality at the 18 kite festivals I attended and how folks seem to be opening their minds a bit toward public outreach, especially […]

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Issue 76: AKA Corner

Do you know what the AKA does for you? In another forum, a question was posed: “What is the best kite group to belong to? And what are the benefits of belonging to the groups?” The writer had heard of the AKA, was vaguely aware of the discount programs at stores and was looking for […]

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Issue 76: Dave’s World: Star Farker

Back in the early 90’s, the Star Watcher by Jordan Air was one of the best loved kites on the field. If memory serves, it was even featured on the cover of American Kite Magazine. Things were different in the 90’s. When people made copies of kites, they did so in jest, rather than to […]

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Issue 76: Dave’s World: Travel – Tips and Trips

We’ve seen a lot of online posts lately asking about traveling with kites. And I completely understand. Between lost bags and damage, extra fees, and all that security, no wonder people are anxious. Susan and I regularly go to the airport with six bags weighing 70 pounds each. We travel a lot! And I often […]

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Issue 76: Drachen Archives: Digitizing

When we make art, or kites, it’s often a convergence of factors that guides our creativity. Sewing skill, access to materials, travel: all of these can influence the next end product. In my own artistic endeavors this is easily demonstrated; I’ve practiced piecing paper for a variety of effects, I have access to imported bamboo, […]

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Issue 76: News Reel

Community/Activism: “…The flying of angel-shaped kites marked the culmination of the Pink Purse campaign, a collaborative effort between the Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) and supported by GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical (GSK), J.CO Donuts & Coffee, and G2 Kuala Lumpur to raise funds and provide access and support for breast cancer patients.”…/7841131&sec=health Documentary: “The event was […]

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Issue 76: Kite Comics

This issue marks the second set of kite cartoons we’ve had made for Kitelife Magazine, courtesy of Dan Thompson (Funny Cartoonist)… These two were just made “off the cuff”, but we’d like to start sending Dan some photos for inspiration now and then, photos which might aptly display some of the humorous situations we sometimes […]

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Issue 76: Pothecary’s Corner

Introducing Us Please allow me to introduce ourselves. Some readers may have met us already and some will have discovered our website. We are Marilyn and Allan Pothecary, founder members and leaders of Close Encounters Kite Display Team. We have been an admirer of Kitelife from afar. Not as the regular readers as perhaps we […]

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Issue 76: REVisions – Bazzer, Xtras and B2s!

What to write about in the dull winter months between festivals? Actually, truth be told I could talk about how 4 of iQuad rolled into South Padre Island earlier this week to get some practice in only to be essentially shut inside due to the freak winter storm that’s going on all around us. But […]

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