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Issue 78: From the Editor

Wow, seventy-eight issues! It always fills me with nostalgia, a lot of memories (both personal and in kiting) in the last 40 issues we’ve done. Honestly, I really didn’t have any idea of what I’d be getting myself into when I took over the reins from Mike Gillard in 2003 – I had some idea […]

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Issue 78: Kites… Life.

Changing the game From the beginning of sport kite competition (circa 1987), participants were very active not only as competitors but as vocal influences on the very course of this sport… This was the case right up through 2006-2007, when things seemed to get stall somewhat, especially with regard to progression of the sport. Granted, […]

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Issue 78: AKA Corner

Educational Resources on the AKA Website Kites can be used in the classroom as way to teach physics, materials science, aeronautics, aerodynamics and weather. Using kites for education provides an interdisciplinary approach to relate worldwide culture, history, art and language. Few things in history have such a broad, positive, ageless international appeal. As a kite […]

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Issue 78: Dave’s World: Family Day Festival in Doha, Qatar

Doha Finally — and a Fine Event It Was Too! May 8, 2011 Doha is a sparkling clean, ultra-modern new city perched on the edge of a barren desert. it is the capital of Qatar on the Persian Gulf, bordering Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Earlier this year, we’d received a call inviting […]

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Issue 78: Dave’s World: Berck – A 25 year celebration

Berck – Part Two: A 25 Year Celebration April 27, 2011 The impact of Berck is remarkable. When the tide is out, you can almost imagine walking across to England. The flying fields stretch the breadth of the promenade — nearly half a mile wide. And from street to water, and side to side, the […]

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Issue 78: Drachen Archives: Artists in Cervia

A gallery of artists in Cervia Having made kites for almost thirty years, I’ve come to know what I do well and what I don’t. If it’s a flat kite that might be memorable years after the first viewing, then I think I can fill the order. If it’s a cellular creation that’s never been […]

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Issue 78: News Reel

Kiting news from around the world Culture: The east end ruled the island-wide unofficial ‘biggest kite’ contest, with a homemade Bermuda-style kite over 20 feet tall attracting plenty of attention at the annual Gilbert Lamb Family Fun Day at St. David’s County Cricket Club today. Video at below web site:…21-foot-kite-in-st-davids The kite maker, Ernest […]

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Daniel Prentice

Issue 78: ProFile: Daniel Prentice (pt 2)

Where have we been, and what’s on the horizon? In our last issue (#77), we started a two part interview with one of the most influential kite personalities over the past 30 years and we had the opportunity to ask him a little about where he came from, what inspired him to become a part […]

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Issue 78: What is Virtual Freestyle?

Video kite competition, online! We’ve been watching Virtual Freestyle (VF) with great interest since the first round was held in September of 2004… Especially now, at a time when fliers in North America are traveling to far fewer competition events than they did in the 90s, the digital format of VF has opened the door […]

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Issue 78: Pothecary’s Corner

The Romanian We were on holiday in Crete and practicing some new kite routines on the beach. During a break to take on much needed water I was approached by this Romanian person who kept asking all sorts of questions about our kites. I am not used to being approached quite so directly by women […]

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