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Kite Community

User to User Kite Support Visit the official KiteLife® discussion forum to interact with other kitefliers from around the world – regardless of skill level or kite style, this is one of the friendliest forums around and you’re sure to find help on just about anything you need… It’s 100% free of charge to register and use the forums, premium […]

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The Pledge

The Pledge

ONE SKY, ONE WORLD, and at least ONE KITE How invited kite fliers can support kite event organisers better than we have been. But first, just so as we don’t start taking ourselves too seriously; single line kite flying, like art, is an activity for those who are too useless, or too self indulging, to […]

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Kites in the Caribbean

Curacao, Bonaire and Aruba   We spent one month traveling through different islands of the Caribbean visiting the kite festivals and meeting with the kite flyers. In all these islands, the kite competition is the major event during the year. The FUNDASHON DI FLI KORSOU from Curacao organized the competition and the flying this year.  […]

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Insuring your Kite Collection

A kite collection can quickly build up substantial value, and when your kites take on damage, you could lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars. To financially protect your collection, you should purchase insurance coverage for all of your most valuable pieces. Depending on the value of your kites, you might not need to open […]

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Tyrus Wong: Brushstrokes in Hollywood

LEGENDARY ARTIST TYRUS WONG APPEARING AT CTN ANIMATION EXPO TODAY AND ON THE BIG SCREEN IN 2013 Documentary Filmmakers Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Bring Wong’s Inspirational Story To An Even Wider Audience Los Angeles, CA – Artistic legend and traditional kite maker Tyrus Wong is still going strong at the age of 102 and made […]

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Tomatoes, Sun and Lycopene

Tomatoes: Antioxidant and Sunscreen?

DISCLAIMER: I am not medically trained in any sense of the definition, and this article should be considered only as one person’s perspective based on personal experience and lots of Google searches… This is NOT intended to replace recommended and practical precautions against sun damage, merely to provide supplemental information. Your first response upon reading […]

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2 - KiteRight

KiteRight – Kite Sports for Humanity

On 24th and 25th October 2012 KiteRight with support from the BKSA and local school Easyriders made worldwide history. True to its objectives of opening up the sport to people with physical, mental health and learning challenges the first KiteRight course had participants with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Bi-Polar disorder (manic depression) and two […]

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1989 Berlin, West Germany

ProFile: The Decorators

No one has been flying Revolution four-line kites in a team longer than London-based The Decorators… Featuring a veritable who’s who of team rotating members over their 20+ year history, they are still creating and pushing the envelope of Rev team flying and have served as an inspiration to many of the teams and fliers […]

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Custom Bayless Long Rok, Pastel Sun

ProFile: Kevin Bayless

A longtime kite maker and general kiting enthusiast, Kevin Bayless looks a bit like the Marlboro Man and favors designing his kites with very colorful patchwork layouts… This “lifer” is becoming increasingly creative with his kites and has really started to gain recognition over the past three years for his role as kite organizer at […]

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Working the Wind Window

Most of us have seen some of the basic diagrams and introductions to the wind window as it relates to a sport kite flier… Oversimplified, it’s the more or less half-circle space downwind in which your kite is able to fly with the strongest in the middle and power reducing as you fly out toward […]

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