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Radio Equipment for Team Flying

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the first annual Rev Team Boot Camp led by Team iQuad.  One of the requirements for this clinic was a radio.  These radios allow a team to share common music, ease the strain on the team leaders voice, and greatly improve call clarity across the team.  This article’s […]

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Video Cumulus (6-4-12)

Just a few of the kite flying videos we’ve enjoyed over the past couple of weeks… Some new, some older, but all great representations of kiting skill and spirit! GoPro video, Rev team flying in Singapore! Team4Fun at the 2012 Cervia Kite Festival in Italy! Migi Myth – Taiji Sword flying by Carlos Ong Mouse […]

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team4fun - video

Video: Team4Fun – German Rev Team

Official web site – Es weihnachtet, mein kleines Geschenk ans Team 😉 Grüße, Markus It’s Christmas, my little gift to the team 😉 Grüße, Markus Click here to view Team4FunVideos’ channel on YouTube

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indoor kite flying

Video: Flyform at 2012 Windless Festival

 Final performance by FlyForm on Sunday at the 2012 Windless Kite Festival in Long Beach, WA. Composed of members Spence Watson, TK Barresi and John Barresi flying Indoor Revolutions… Roughly eight hours (combined) went into developing and practice this routine at the time this was filmed.  

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A Novice Position in the Mega-Grid

Issue 74: A Novice Position in the Mega Grid

100 Rev kites in a 10 x 10 stable grid formation…. That was the plan, but it came up 36 kites shy yet still broke the world record of 55 by a not-so-shabby margin of nine kites. There is no doubt that the current record of 64 will be broken and to do that Rev […]

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Issue 73: Kites… Life.

One of my primary areas of focus and interest over the past 2-3 years is the obvious lack of cohesion and growth in the North American dual line kiting community, evidenced by less competitors, fewer dual line teams at World Championships and even fewer full time dual line teams in North America… Now bear in […]

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Issue 73: REVisions: What to Expect in a Mega-Mega Fly

Here I sit, with really only one thing on my mind, much like it has been for weeks. No, it’s not a new Rev. It’s likely the biggest Rev spectacular ever conceived and it will be launched at the Washington State International Kite Festival, or as we affectionately refer to it, WSIKF! I’ve gone on […]

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Issue 72: Bay Area Sundowners – 30 years and still flying!

With their signature stacks of thirteen Hyperkites pulling 40’ long tails, The Bay Area Sundowners have the distinction of being one of the oldest and most entertaining kite flying teams in the world today. In 1980 Mix McGraw put together a four person team, flying stacks of twelve Rainbow Kites at the Marina Green in […]

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Issue 71: REVisions – 100 Revs at WSIKF

I thought I had mentioned this in the last Revisions in Issue 70, but upon taking a quick re-read through the article, I find I completely neglected to say a word about it! I am remiss, so, I’ll take the issue’s article and do nothing BUT talk about it. For those of you who choose […]

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Old and new...

Issue 71: Penshaw Rev Weekend

The idea behind this weekend started back in 2008 at Sunderland Kite Festival where Stephen Hoath (the legend) ran a Rev Clinic. The weather was horrendous but we all felt we had learnt so much that the seeds of a Rev Team in the North East were sown. We didn’t really get started until late […]

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