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Kite Tutorials

KiteLife is proud to host a wide selection of video tutorials for indoor and outdoor Revolution kite flying, with all beginner and most intermediate videos free of charge to view on YouTube – the premium tutorials are available with a yearly KiteLife subscription and also gives members automatic entry into our regular prize drawings every 4-6 weeks. Click here to […]

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Radio Equipment for Team Flying

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the first annual Rev Team Boot Camp led by Team iQuad.  One of the requirements for this clinic was a radio.  These radios allow a team to share common music, ease the strain on the team leaders voice, and greatly improve call clarity across the team.  This article’s […]

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Kite Flying with Intent

After six plus years of doing sport kite workshops and clinics (both dual and quad kites), I’ve had a lot of opportunities to work with different personalities and skill sets while teaching… One of the things that I see most frequently with beginning, and even some more advanced fliers, is a lack of intent in their […]

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Sport Kite Tutorials

With so much organized Rev flying activity happening over the past few years, Kitelife has been proud to be at the forefront through sponsorship of Team iQuad, Rev Clinics and a growing collection of video tutorials from 25-time AKA/AKM national champion John Barresi. Whether you’re new to the world of Rev flying, or a veteran […]

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Rev Indoor Mods

Modding a Rev Indoor

This January marked the debut of my new indoor Rev team Flyform. Along with John and TK Barresi, we performed for the first time to the Black Eyed Peas “Pump It” at the Windless kite festival in Long Beach, WA. I recently received our new team practice kites and was put in charge of making […]

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Kieron Jansch

Videos: Kite Making by Kieron Jansch (1-3)

Having just seen the third in his series ourselves, we thought our readers might enjoy these very popular videos by Kieron Jansch… Kite Making from Kieron Jansch on Vimeo. I’m often asked where I got the kite I happen to be flying; the answer is that I make them. This generally leads into a long […]

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Issue 74: Build a D-Stix Tetrahedral

When I was a junior in high school I became obsessed with the geometry of the fourth dimension. I later turned that obsession into an award-winning science/math fair project, but at 16 it was just a weird fun thing to be enthusiastic about. In the process of reading books like The Fourth Dimension Simply Explained, […]

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Issue 71: Kite Plan – Crowell Cross Deck

I am not sure how everyone else builds kites, but I will assume that anyone wanting to build this kite will know how to sew and will have some familiarity with the materials used. TOOLS Hot knife Sewing machine Poster board 1/8”-diameter fiberglass rod, about 4’ long ( for pattern making) Cyanoacrylate (“super”) glue Stick […]

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Issue 71: Kite Plan – Stacked Deltas

Whether the Marconi-rigged kite actually gets added performance from its overlapping jib and Venturi slot is questionable. However, there is no denying that it is a spectacular looking creation. This is especially true of the Four-Masted Schooner by Arthr Kurle*. It can also be said that the construction is rather complicated. One might hesitate to […]

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The Tekaweya is named for the Mohawk word for "two wings."

Issue 70: Kite Plan – Tekaweya

This kite design challenged us more than any other we ever set out to create. Our main purpose with the Tekaweya was to explore the contest between weight and drag reduction in sport kites. Our premise was that reducing drag would pay off in a wide wind range without sacrificing durability or branding the kite […]

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