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Working the Wind Window

Most of us have seen some of the basic diagrams and introductions to the wind window as it relates to a sport kite flier… Oversimplified, it’s the more or less half-circle space downwind in which your kite is able to fly with the strongest in the middle and power reducing as you fly out toward […]

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History of Sport Kite Competition - pt 3

History of Sport Kite Competition – pt 3

The American Kite Magazine National Stunt Kite Circuit The American Kite Magazine National Stunt Kite Standings system was proposed by American Kite magazine, and publisher, editor Daniel Prentice in the preimer issue of AKM magazines the summer in 1988! (pg. 37 Vol 1 #1) This was the first issue published by this new magazine! This […]

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When it Becomes a Kite Routine

Amongst even recreational sport (stunt) kite fliers, the words “ballet” or “kite routine” (individual) are fairly common terminology and bring to mind someone piloting their kite through various maneuvers in time to a musical track either as a structured program (choreographed and planned out) or totally off the cuff – i.e. improvised “soul flying”… Regardless […]

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Virtual Freestyle: Round 22

Another round of Virtual Freestyle is in the books, with a grand total of 18 fliers throwing down their best tricks! This online stunt kite / sport kite competition focuses on freestyle, slack line or trick flying on dual line kites, in a continuous (unedited) video performance of roughly 90 seconds. Discussion on GWTW: VF22 […]

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