Kite Lines – Vol. 11 No. 1 (Fall 1994)


Cover Story: The kites, art and ideas of Joan Montcada of Catalonia, Spain, as explained and photographed by the kitemaker. Features: Mel Govig at the first-ever kitesailing regatta, a part of the Dove Sofia II Vento festival at Ostia, Italy; Pierre Fabre at the new Shirone Giant Kite and History Museum, Japan, with a list of other Japanese kite museums; Pierre Fabre on the super fast fighter kites of Korea and the Seoul International Kite Festival; Simon Freidin at the 4th Thailand International Biennial Kite Festival in Bangkok; Simon Baker on the aerial photography of George Lawrence. Departments: Letter from the Publisher: in praise of low tech kitemaking; Design Workshop: the Double Parasled by John Verheij; What’s New: Kites: the WhangDoodle from It’s A Breeze, the MEFM from the Big Easy Kite Company, the Trooper from Skynasaur, the Pro-S from Wolkenstürmer, the Aerial Kinetics Parafoil and two rotor kites-the USA Star Fighter and the Flying Dutchman from Twisk; What’s New: Books: Stunt Kites II: New Designs, Buggies and Boats by Van der Horst and Velthuizen, A Beginner’s Guide to Flying Indian Fighter Kites by Turpin, Kiting to Record Altitudes by Synergy, Kites for Kids by Hosking and books news; It Works for Me: a needle-sharpening tip from Simon Freidin, an alternative to wingtip eyelets from Ilene Atkins and bending fiberglass advice from Robert Josjor; Special Guest: Bobby Stanfield on his custom kite fittings; For the Record: another Ray Bethell feat—three Kestrels for 12 hours; Empty Spaces in the Sky: Dean Bigler and Nicholas Van Sant; In the Wind: One Sky, One World activity in Troy, New York and other news; SkyGallery: Jimmy Sampson kites, photos by Sampson and Marco Ravasini.

Cover Photo:

Marta Montcada holds a luminous Double Rectangle for launch at Castelldefels Beach, Barcelona. The kite is made by her father, Joan Montcada. Photograph by Joan Montcada. (Story on page 36.)

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