Kite Lines – Vol. 13 No. 1 (Spring 1999)


JAPAN: Old, new & glorious by Valerie Govig | KITE COLOR: New techniques with a spray can by Kurt Eby| BRRRRR! Skiting for frozen fun – from the Antarctic expert Eric Philips | The FLOW FORM: From chute to kite, how the soft kite classic came to be by Kathy Sutton | SKY GALLERY: Michel Gressier, painter of kites | India Skies, land of maharajas, kites and camels by George Peters | Postcards from Dubai by David Gomberg | Controversies: About manjha and the altitude record | For the record: 400 days & 400 kites! | What’s New, Kites: quads, soft dual-liners and reliable traction engines | Kite books | Workshop: Nagasaki fighter by C.A. Williams | Emtpy Spaces: Takeshi Nishibayashi, Hugh Harrison, John Loy, Hank Szerlag, Ken Lewis, Olan Turner and Jimmy Low.

Cover Photo:

Don Mock and one of his Mockfoils make a splash at the 10th Annual World Kite Festival in Uchinada, Japan. Photograph by Valerie Govig. (See story on page 34.)

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