Kite Lines – Vol. 2 No. 1 (Spring-Summer 1978)


Cover Story: Seattle kitemaker J.C. Young and his traditional Chinese birds and butterflies adapted to modern techniques, article and photos by Jack Van Gilder; Features: Guy D. Aydlett on the death of Rotoki rotor kite inventor Stanley Albertson; a practical guide by Valerie Govig to the new American tradition of kite festivals-the whys, whats, whens, wheres and hows; proposed “figure kiting” stunt patterns from Red Braswell; a Dave Checkley introduction to the Cerf-Volant Club de France; announcement of the first national AKA meeting; Wood Ellis on three issues for the nationwide recreation plan; a safety report; kite safety in the headlines; and a directory of kite clubs. Departments: Letter from the Editor: answering Kite Lines questions; Design Workshop: Ed Grauel on the Rogallo Corner Kite and John Hartsook on Lincoln Chang’s modified rokakkus; What’s New: Kites: the Flexifoil, Professor Waldof’s box kite, four from Wind Mill Kites (the Winged Sled, Hooded Cobra, Soaring Wing and Firebird) and a reel update on spools from Shanti and the Magic Kite Reel; What’s New: Books: Why Kites Fly, The Story of the Wind at Work, by Dwiggins; Flying With the Old Pro: founder Bob Ingraham on the AKA’s history.

Cover Photo:

A butterfly on the breeze – in the great tradition of China’s kites, kept alive through the artistry of J . C . Young. This craftsman, however, has been quick to adapt old designs to new techniques and materials, while working from memory alone . Mr. Young moved from Taiwan to Seattle where he was photographed by an admiring fellow kiter, John F. Van Gilder. (Story on page 18.)

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