Kite Lines – Vol. 7 No. 3 (Summer 1989)


Cover Story: Dueling on the rooftops, the annual kite frenzy in Ahmedabad, India, as seen by George Peters and Philip Morrison (cover photo by Setu Shah). Features: Return to Bali at its 10th National and 5th International Kite Festival, by Simon Freidin; the Great Kite Lines Stunter Survey by Brooks Leffler; a Kite Lines compendium of “kite capital of the world” claims. Departments: Letter from the Publisher: stunt vs stable kites; What’s New: Kites: The Car from Vacuum Kites, Le-Cube from Greens of Burnley and the American Beauty Rose from Crystal Kite Co.; What’s New: Books: Papir Sarkany (Paper Kites) by Bodóczky, Stunt Kites! by Gomberg, book notes; Design Workshop: the Flying Wedge of Charlie Sotich; Innovations: the arch train of Eiji Ohashi and how to make one, with notes by Jack Van Gilder; In the Wind: kites win $25,000, other news; Ultimate Questions: John Loy on sled studies; For the Record: a dialogue with the Guinness Book of Records, with 13 recommended marks; Empty Spaces in the Sky: Harvey “Javier” Wood, Don Smith, Harry Sauls, Tony Ziegler and Jack Van Gilder; Best of Show: Triple Malay Stack kite and photos by Jørgen Møller Hansen.

Cover Photo:

The bazaars of Ahmedabad, India overflow with kites and flying line in anticipation of the day known as Makar Sankranti, when millions of Indians celebrate the returning of the winter sun. Photograph by Seru Shah.

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