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Boys fly kites in the "starting block" of the Soaring Kite sugoroku. Note the depiction of the climber in the game square above the starting block; line-climbers were commonly called "monkeys", like this one.

Drachen Archives: Japanese Prints

Scott Skinner has one of the most unique collections of Japanese prints in the world because of his focus on collecting prints with kite images.  This collection, however, does not have a corner on uniqueness, as we know of a Seattle collector of Japanese prints who collects only prints with images of cameras..  The point […]

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Issue 81: Japan in Argentina

Japanese Kite Exhibition and Demonstration It was a great satisfaction to Claris and me to be invited, like year before at Environmental and Cultural Japanese Garden of Buenos Aires, in order to do a Japanese Kite Exhibition and flight demonstration. This year we make new models of Japanese kites, minis and normal size. Claris surprised […]

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Issue 79: Drachen Archives: Mokuhanga Conference

International Mokuhanga Conference, 2011 I recently had the opportunity to address the participants of the first International Mokuhanga Conference, held in Kyoto, Japan. The subject was one that I assumed the participants (mainly professional woodblock-print artists and educators) had not encountered before which was the use of woodblock prints by kite makers in old Japan. […]

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Issue 78: Drachen Archives: Artists in Cervia

A gallery of artists in Cervia Having made kites for almost thirty years, I’ve come to know what I do well and what I don’t. If it’s a flat kite that might be memorable years after the first viewing, then I think I can fill the order. If it’s a cellular creation that’s never been […]

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Issue 77: Drachen Archives: Back to Beaufort

I’ve been lucky in the last several years to participate in a number of collaborations between artists and kite makers. Of note were the Drachen Foundation exhibitions in Puebla, Oaxaca, and Pachuca, Mexico, but before that I collaborated with artist Susan Robb on kites that were exhibited at the Hui Art Center in Maui, Hawaii. […]

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Issue 75: Dave’s World: Claudio Capelli Showcase

November 16, 2010 The international festival in Dieppe, France, did something delightful this year. From around the world, they collected, borrowed, and begged more than two dozen magnificent kites painted by Italian artist Claudio Capelli. The kites were showcased in City Hall and mesmerized assembled kiters during the Mayor’s reception. Later in the week, I […]

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The contemporary work a new kite team

Issue 75: Drachen Archives: Painting with Papel China

Many of you don’t know that I have another artistic passion – distinct and different from creating kites in ripstop nylon or paper – it is ballroom dancing and I’m finally feeling (after ten years) that I’m learning what the hell I’m doing! I had the opportunity, recently, to spend two days in San Diego […]

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Japanese Kite Exhibition and Demonstration

Issue 75: Japan in Argentina – Cultural Exchange

** Haga clic aquí para leer este artículo en Español ** The idea of Japan in Argentina emerged from different exchange cultural vision: The exhibition; flying demonstrations; painting; miniature kites; dancing; music and traditional Japanese drums. The place was “Complejo Cultural y Ambiental Jardín Japonés de Buenos Aires”. This sanctuary park was built on February […]

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Yoshi and his mokuhanga painted kite

Issue 73: Drachen Archives: Master of Paper and Flight

For the last twenty years, there has been a shining star in the kite flyers’ universe: the Kunstdrachen (Art Kites) exhibit, organized by Dr. Paul Eubel of Germany. The Art Kites have traveled throughout Europe, to Japan, Canada, and Chile. Sadly, as he was preparing the exhibit for travel to Cuba, we lost Paul to […]

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Issue 72: Drachen Archives: A Collection of National Treasures

It is a bit humorous to talk about “humans” being artifacts and treasures, but such is the case with Dr. Paul Eubel , Nobuhiko Yoshizumi (Yoshi) and the infamous collection of kites, known for almost 20 years as ART KITES. The history is simple:  The vision of Dr. Paul Eubel as the director of the […]

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