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When it Becomes a Kite Routine

Amongst even recreational sport (stunt) kite fliers, the words “ballet” or “kite routine” (individual) are fairly common terminology and bring to mind someone piloting their kite through various maneuvers in time to a musical track either as a structured program (choreographed and planned out) or totally off the cuff – i.e. improvised “soul flying”… Regardless […]

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Issue 64: The Soul Fliers

Memorable ballet routines, like works of art, consist not of a planned series of strokes, but rather strokes of inspiration. One of the advantages of attending sport kite competitions is that in doing so you have a chance to realize things you’ve never been aware of before. Quite often it’s a new trick (remember the […]

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Issue 62: Choreographing Ballet Routines

Editor’s note : The pictures included in this article are from the 2008 AKA Grand Nationals General approach: The entire approach to choreographing a ballet routine is based on the following description found on page 11 of the International Sport Kite Competition Rules, Version 2.1 http://www.aka.kite.org/?whatsnew_sk.shtml : H. Ballet The ballet discipline is characterized by […]

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Issue 38: ProFile with Carl Bragiel

I met Carl for the first time a couple years ago at the 2003 Crescent City Kite Festival, and was quite impressed with his style… An easy going gentleman, he’s one of those guys you might not take notice of until you actually see him flying. With his three trademark black, white and grey kites […]

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Issue 31: Soul Flying

Have ever had the hair on the back of your neck stand on end watching someone fly, particularly their ballet? Well, today I’m writing about that experience from both the flier’s standpoint as well as the general spectator… Granted, these are perspectives drawn from my own unique experiences, observations, and philosophies. I could never tire […]

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Issue 3: 4play

They say music soothes the savage beast.  Trust me, a kite zipping through the sky can be just that.  Music makes the flight of our kites make sense.  In precision, we are assigned figures and anything else is simply supposed to be a transition from one move to the next, basically a fancy way of […]

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Issue 2: Beginning Ballet

INTRODUCTION One of the most satisfying experiences of participating in sport kite events is being able to compete with a routine of your own design. Andy Wardley, the great UK flier once wrote: “…I want the world to see what I’ve done and like it (or even hate it, as long as they feel something). […]

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Issue 1: Editing Kite Ballet Music

One of the most difficult decisions our kite team has to make each season is choosing a piece of music to use for our ballet routine. When looking for music we want a piece that has an interesting beginning so we can grab the judges’ attention, a varied mid section that lets us display different […]

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Issue 1: A Look at Ballet

At the last US Figure Skating Nationals in Philadelphia, Michelle Kwan scored Sixes, perfect scores, in her short program (technical) and her long program (artistic). She finished her long program to a standing ovation. At the same event, Michael Weiss excited the crowd when he opened with a quadruple Lutz but two-footed the landing, to […]

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