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Video: Flyform at 2012 Windless Festival

 Final performance by FlyForm on Sunday at the 2012 Windless Kite Festival in Long Beach, WA. Composed of members Spence Watson, TK Barresi and John Barresi flying Indoor Revolutions… Roughly eight hours (combined) went into developing and practice this routine at the time this was filmed.  

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Issue 78: From the Editor

Wow, seventy-eight issues! It always fills me with nostalgia, a lot of memories (both personal and in kiting) in the last 40 issues we’ve done. Honestly, I really didn’t have any idea of what I’d be getting myself into when I took over the reins from Mike Gillard in 2003 – I had some idea […]

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Issue 76: Treasure Island Kite Festival

Oh yeah, not being lucky enough to live in a southern part of the USA, we always love any opportunity to take a trip out of Portland (OR) for drier, sunnier weather in order to shake off the chill and fly with friends… Treasure Island (FL) fits that bill very nicely. My first time to […]

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Issue 70: Kites… Life.

Sitting alongside my wife, I’m starting this article at 35,000 feet somewhere over Arizona on my way to iQuad’s first major outdoor festival of the year in South Padre Island (TX) and I’m finding myself a little nostalgic so I hope you’ll bear with me, or not, feel free to skip on to the next article […]

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Issue 69: Kites… Life.

When i started flying in 1990 at the age of 15, I commonly pored over the pages of American Kite Magazine and Stunt Kite Quarterly following the exploits of my favorites pilots of the era such as Scott Aughenbaugh, Lee Sedgwick, Ron Reich and Miguel Rodriguez, all the while daydreaming about following in their footsteps […]

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Issue 67: Kites… Life.

I’m looking forward to seeing this issue go live, as it will mean that I’m free to pack and prepare for my first visit to Colombia on August 4th… In addition to meeting lots of new people and finally putting faces to some names, iQuad is arriving a couple days before their festival to provide […]

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Issue 52: Review of B-Series by Revolution Kites

Specifications Manufacturer: Revolution Enterprises Model: John Barresi Signature Series 1.5 Wingspan: 90 inches Height: 33 inches Type of kite: Quad line Materials: Two frames, 2 wrap and 3 wrap Revolution Advantage, ripstop polyester sail, Revolution connectors/endcaps connectors and two 2 gram insertable weights. Source for test kite: Manufacturer Available from these fine retailers: A Wind […]

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Issue 43: A Day in the Power Zone

As a long time sport kite participant, I’ve been around all kinds of kiting activities including power and traction flying… However, my prime love of traditional sport kiting has always taken priority and I never really seemed to find the time to spend aboard a buggy or board. In early 1994 I attended the first […]

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Issue 2: Fugedaboudit!

Well… Fugedaboudit isn’t even the word ! Kitelife has blown UP ! I’m so happy to see the logical progression of Kiting and the Internet taking shape in this way. I’ve written content for some very popular magazines and kite flying primers, but I must say this is the most fulfilling. <rant on> In order […]

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Issue 1: Bongo Hotline

Compiled by Kitelife staff from reader submissions TEAM NEWS Don’t Panic, from the Northwest U.S., will continue competing in 1998. Monica Barber will be taking a less-active role with the team to allow for more time with family and their kite store. The team had an outstanding year in ’97, their first in Masters class, […]

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