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CVF Mega Team (Demo)

Sneak Peek – 9th World Sport Kite Championship

A Preview of the 9th World SportKite Teams Championship, Rencontre International Cerf Volant, Berck sur Mer, France WSKC 2014 12-20 April 2014 Competition days: April 15/16/17 World Sport Kite Championships is back with a 14 team contest featuring representatives from 9 Nations.  In the previous 8 editions, three teams, Overdrive (France), Cutting Edge (USA) and […]

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Video Cumulus (5-6-2012)

Just a few of the kite flying videos we’ve enjoyed over the past couple of weeks… Some new, some older, but all great representations of kiting skill and spirit! STUNNING time lapse video from 2012 Cervia Kite Festival, Italy Film by Team No Limits Night festival in Berk-sur-Mer, France Rev Cam Test Ben Dantonio flies […]

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The podium at WSKC

World Sport Kite Championships (WSKC 2012)

I arrived a day behind everyone else in France. My flight out of Portland boarded smoothly. We taxied out to runway, turned into the wind and the pilot hit the gas. But halfway down the runway, as the nose started to leave the ground, he hit the brakes hard. Red warning light!! Twenty years of […]

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Issue 78: Dave’s World: Berck – A 25 year celebration

Berck – Part Two: A 25 Year Celebration April 27, 2011 The impact of Berck is remarkable. When the tide is out, you can almost imagine walking across to England. The flying fields stretch the breadth of the promenade — nearly half a mile wide. And from street to water, and side to side, the […]

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Issue 66: Dave’s World – Art Displays in Berck

My first morning in France, I went down to breakfast and asked for an omelet. The one they brought was very small. I asked the waiter and he told me they only used one egg. “After all”, he said, “in France, one egg is un oeuf(enough)! Hey — if you don’t like it — don’t […]

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Issue 54: Dave’s World: Berck

The sun beamed out of a beautiful blue sky Saturday morning, and as the wind turned in off the water, 500 kiters began to loft the most amazing assembly of flying creations I think I’ve ever seen. Peter Lynn, who has seen a few kite fests, remarked that there were at least 200 “largish” kites […]

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Issue 48: Berck International Kite Festival

Take the largest kite festival you can find in North America and multiply the attendance on its busiest day by at least 10. Put this festival on the north coast of France, add in the World Sport Kite Championships (WSKC). Now to seal the deal, throw in an awful lot of wind on some days. […]

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Issue 48: Berck Intl Kite Festival (gallery)

Photos by John Barresi & David Hathaway

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Another early morning shot

Issue 43: Berck sur Mer Intl Kite Festival

Wow!! What have I done to deserve 5 full sponsored weeks in France and Italy? The 19th International Meeting of Kites in Berck Sur Mer and then to the 25th Cervia International Kite festival in Italy, both premier international kite festivals that are held in Europe, and I have been lucky to have been fully […]

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Issue 42: Dave’s World

I’m honestly not sure how many times I have been to Berck. I was first invited back in 1990 or ’91. All I can say for sure is that the kids I met back then have grown and some are bringing their own children now. It’s a bit scary. Regular readers have seen reports of […]

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