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Issue 80: Dave’s World: Berkeley Kite Festival

Everyone Flies in Berkeley! Berkeley was great this year. Might have been the best Berkeley in years. Up on the hill, stings of larger lifters and laundry filled the sky. The learn-to-fly fields were backed up with new students. And the sport kite competitions and demos kept up a steady stream of activity on the […]

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New world record 22 Octopile mega fly

Issue 74: Berkeley Kite Festival

When the Berkeley Kite Festival started, such events were most often either dedicated to single or multi-line (stunt kites). Organizer since the BKF’s inception 25 years ago, Tom McAlister’s goal was to show the very finest kiting had to offer. Even when Berkeley was approached to be the host site for the American Kite Magazine […]

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Issue 67: SOLO in Berkeley

I was a bit startled when Nathan Sendan called. He wanted an Octopus. A really BIG Octopus. Since the Over-Large is called “OLO” we took to calling this project the Super Over-Large Octopus or “SOLO” Now as most of you know, a standard Octo is 90 feet and the Over-Large Octopus at 130 feet has […]

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Issue 67: Berkeley Kite Festival

Held during the last weekend of July every year at Cesar E. Chavez Park in Berkeley, California… This event simply gets bigger and better every year. This was the 24th iteration of the festival, it’s well established as one of the finest west coast events and manages to encompass nearly every facet of the kite […]

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Issue 62: Berkeley International Kite Festival

The song goes that you will leave your heart in San Francisco when you go there. Me? I tend to leave other things there, usually at Tracy’s house. This year? My prized travelling shirt! You may snicker at the idea of a “traveling shirt” but, when you spend a lot of time bouncing around through […]

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Issue 56: Berkeley Kite Festival

For years now, people have been referring to Berkeley, California’s annual kite festival as “Berserkeley”, insinuating crazy winds, at all times. Yet, with this second trip to the festival, I have yet to see it for myself! Held during the last weekend of July by Highline Kites, at Cesar E. Chavez Park, the event simply […]

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Issue 50: Berkeley Kite Festival

Over the years I’ve been flying, I’ve maintained a mental list of some of the larger, long running kite festivals I have wanted to go to eventually. The Berkeley Kite Festival, held every year on the last weekend of July at Cesar E. Chavez Park, has long been high up on my list. While I […]

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Issue 44: Berkeley Kite Festival

As one of the original hot beds of sport kiting, Berkeley has been host to many of the finest competitors and performers in the world… With the climate of sport kiting having changed so drastically over the last decade, the Berkeley Kite Festival (BKF) and Bay Area Sport Kite League (BASKL) are apparently still dedicated […]

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Issue 38: Berkeley Kite Festival

Having first picked up a kite in the bay area, I always make a point to attend the BKF whenever possible… The first kite I ever owned was purchased in 1990 from the organizer of this incredible event, Tom McAlister of Highline Kites! Established in 1986 or 1987, depending on who you ask, this years […]

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Issue 38: Berkeley Kite Festival (gallery)

Photos by John Barresi

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