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Issue 79: Southern Oregon Kite Festival

19 years of fantastic kite fun! Ah, the 2011 Southern Oregon Kite Festival… better known simply as “Brookings!!!” I remember when I first heard about “Brookings.” It sure didn’t sound like much of a festival to me. A bunch of kite fliers line up to walk their kites across a field in front of a […]

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Issue 73: Southern Oregon Kite Festival

Going to the ends of the earth… …and getting there is half the fun – but only half! Yeah, sometimes it seems like that anyway. You’re going to a kite festival, except – it’s a bit outa the way! So there’re two ways to look at it. Either the trip there is just a Huge […]

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Issue 67: Southern Oregon Kite Festival

Yeah, it seems strange… I’ve been doing Kite Festivals for Kitelife for a fair number of years now, and for some reason or other, I’ve never made it to “The Show.” Oh, John Barresi would come back – raving about how wonderful it all was, and telling me I aught to go, but when the […]

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Issue 67: Southern Oregon Kite Festival Gallery

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Issue 61: Southern Oregon Kite Festival

A pre-festival event was added to the agenda of this year’s Southern Oregon Kite Festival.  On Friday, July 18th, a No-Sew Tyvek Rokkaku kite building workshop was presented by Ronda Brewer and Lindsey Johnson.  Committee members of the SOKF and volunteers also helped out with the workshop.  Participants crafted a 48” x 42” rokkaku kite […]

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Issue 55: Southern Oregon Kite Festival

It was the first time for me to go to Brookings. Can you imagine people coming to this festival that are non kite fliers, lining up their chairs early in the morning to make sure they all had good spots to enjoy the countless performances that take place each day of the Southern Oregon Kite […]

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Issue 50: Southern Oregon Kite Festival

Meeting up with John Barresi in Portland, we set out on our way to the land of Brookings (OR) to join in their annual festival. I’d heard from John about the light winds and amazing crowd response, I was really looking forward to this trip. As the road rolled along under our feet, we were […]

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Issue 43: Southern Oregon Kite Festival

Despite a few organizational changes within the Port of Brookings, and false rumors that the festival might not even take place this year, the 13th annual Southern Oregon Kite Festival (also known simply as “Brookings”) went off beautifully and brought yet another great kite event to the Southern Oregon coast. Most of us arrived on […]

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Issue 43: Southern Oregon Kite Festival (gallery)

Photos by John Barresi

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Issue 38: Southern Oregon Kite Festival

It happens every summer; for 2 days in July and for the past 12 years, Brookings is everything you’d ever want a kite festival to be. Except for one thing — it NEVER lasts long enough! They could make it a week-long event and I’d STILL start missing it the minute I climb into the […]

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