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_DSC1211 strong wind

North American Buggy Expo (NABX 2012)

On the edge of Las Vegas lies the Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed, home to the North America Buggy Expo; an event that has been running in various forms since the early 90’s. Kiters from far and wide converged on this patch of desiccated hard pack the first week of April to set records, elevate their […]

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Buggy Newz

Issue 75: Buggy Newz

Location: – Pembrey and Pendine beaches, South Wales, UK. The Last Gasp has been the end of race season traditional weekend meet for well over 15 yrs. Saturday starts with a number of 3 lap races and the “killer” 4Hr enduro race is held on the Sunday. 4 Hrs on its own demands much of […]

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Issue 74: The Story Behind the Photograph

This is a photograph of Jeff Howard at El Mirage in 1998, and I have seen it around the internet for many years now, but do you know the story about how this photograph came about? Andrew Beattie had planning to go to El Mirage in January 98. I found out about this at Berrow […]

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Buggy Newz

Issue 74: Buggy Newz: Life’s a Beach!

This worked well but as I got closer to the coast the rain started, as expected, and as I arrived at the campsite by 4.00pm, I was surprised at how many folks were already there. As the rain had been predicted for the evening I decided, unwisely I might add, not to take my tent, […]

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Issue 73: Buggy Newz

Parakart and Buggy madness in the UK! This years race series has taken place at 3 race locations. Hoylake near Liverpool and 2 locations in South Wales, Pendine & Pembrey. (see map) These are all beaches on the west side of the UK. Hoylake is unusual as the beach is a convex sandbank, so unless […]

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Issue 72: Buggy Newz

Pembrey Beach, South Wales The Parakart Association National Race Series 2010 continued with Round 3 being held on Pembrey beach, South Wales this weekend 15/16th May. These results were unfortunatly not available as I prepared this article, but the racing is really hotting up in the Masters group between Peter Lynn (Vapour) and PKD (Combat) […]

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Steve Walt Webb

Issue 71: Buggy Newz – PKA Icicles Buggy Weekend

Westwood Ho! Beach, North Devon, UK. 30-31st January 2010 Saturday events: –  1 Hr enduro race and three 3 lap races. Sunday events: – 3 or 4 Hr enduro race depending on weather and tides. I no longer race in the ParaKart Association’s National race series but I do like to take part in the […]

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Issue 68: Mad Way South – The Sahara Challenge

“Mad Way South is a trans-Tasman challenge like no other – man and machine pitted against the harshest environment in the world at the end of the Saharan Summer – Two Aussies and Two Kiwi’s racing in Kite Buggies across 2,500 km of the world’s toughest terrain to claim the rights to be the first […]

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Issue 60: NABX 2008

This year the NABX excitement started off well before anyone left the comfort of their home. As the trash talk, dares, challenges, friendly tips, and reminders were flying across the NABX section of the ‘Power Kite forum’, a serious venue concern reared its ugly head. In addition to the actual event that takes place on […]

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Issue 58: Dead Bird Buggy Bash

What does a clumsy land dwelling, single-line kite flying, Yankee- decide to do for Thanksgiving of 2007? Live on a sailboat for ten days off the coast of Galveston, Texas, while attending the dead bird buggy bash, of course. What is the Dead Bird Buggy Bash you ask? According to the ‘official’ web site: “The […]

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