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Used kites, but not forgotten…

Looking for a good place to buy, sell or trade used kites? Whether you’re on a budget and looking for a deal on used kites, selling off some of your kite collection, or simply want to trade out for something new, there are a few sites that are better established and frequented by online kiting community, […]

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Issue 77: Pothecary’s Corner

Selecting a kite and dreaming on about long tails… Buying a sport kite Draw a horizontal line, six inches long, on a piece of paper. At the left side write Precision and on the right, put Tricks. Now, hold your pen in the middle and move it one way or the other and you will […]

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Issue 47: AKA Corner

AKA is back in the raffle business. Several years back, the Association organized a series of online raffles as a fundraising program. The idea was to take big-ticket, expensive kites and sell a limited number of chances for $5 each. We offered Peter Lynn inflatables, Gibian art kites, custom sport kites, buggy packages, Kevin Shannon […]

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Issue 37: Kite Classifieds

Enabling you, the flier, to buy and sell used kites and paraphernalia… That’s what Kite Classifieds has always been all about. Nothing more, nothing less. Put your used kites up for sale, search for used kites on the internet… Simply put, Kite Classifieds (KC) offers a great way for buyers and sellers of used kiting […]

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