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Camas Indoor Kite Fesitval

Issue 75: Camas Indoor Festival

Yes, it’s November – which means the whole house will be in an uproar! Nearly EVERYbody in the Northwest that competes in Sport Kites will show up at our door – even if they’re NOT staying with us! Lemme see now… We’ll have all available beds filled. We’ll have people sleeping on all the sofas […]

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Cute Cheerleaders!

Issue 75: Camas Indoor Festival Gallery

Photos by TK Barresi and Dave Shattuck

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Issue 57: Camas Indoor Festival

As the weather starts to turn chilly and the opportunities to fly outside begin to dwindle, the hard core kite flyer has a few options for winter entertainment. First, you could start a hobby in flying to warm places for the winter (much like our publisher has with a 2 week kite trip to Argentina!). […]

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Issue 51: Camas Indoor

Okay, where to start with this one? Gosh, I don’t know. This is the very first time for this event, and I’ve kind of been into it from the gestation-point. So let’s start there… I received a phone call from Theresa Norelius at The Kite Shop, saying, “I’m going over to the High School in […]

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