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Los Hermanos, Chaoskiter, Think Big and LCVS - Saint-Honoré dans l'Vent

2012 St Honoré Kite Festival

When we attended this event (officially titled Festival International de cerfs-volants Saint-Honoré dans l’Vent) with an iQuad 4-pack in 2010, it was a great experience… Flying with our Quebec kite brethren and everything else, despite some issues with black flies – when my teammate Steve de Rooy and I got the return invite for 2012, […]

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Revs on ice, sure was beautiful in the sun

2012 Festi-Vent sur Glace

It’s safe to say we were initially hesitant when we got an email about going to fly on a frozen river in Quebec… Sub-zero temperatures, ice spikes for the shoes… I’m happy to say we took them up on the offer and the event only SOUNDED intimidating! As it turns out, we had an absolutely […]

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Issue 73: Pacific Rim Kite Festival

There’s a small little kite field, just outside of the downtown core. To your north, you see the end of the Coastal mountain range. While you can’t “directly” see it, Whistler Mountain is also up that way, where Vancouver played host to the Winter Olympics this past February. To your northeast is Vancouver’s downtown, which […]

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Issue 67: Pacrim Kite Festival

I’ve been to many festivals over the last few years, traveling with iQuad. All over the world, by plane, train and automobile. So, when the opportunity arises to go to a festival in my own backyard, call me excited. Actually, to be fair, it’s probably the festival I have gone to the most over the […]

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Issue 67: Parksville Kite Festival

Sometimes, we manage to miss out on fun events that are quite literally in our own backyard. I know for myself this is certainly  the case with the Parksville Kite Festival. It’s been running for a good number of years now, organized by John and Marzlee Freeman, just a short hop across the water on […]

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Issue 55: Windscape Festival

Many years ago, in what often seems like another lifetime, I spent quite a few years playing in a band that’d blast back and forth across Canada, usually in a smallish van, packed to the rafters with music gear. Out of all of our many and varied destinations, there was one particular place we liked […]

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Issue 50: Dave’s World: Three Beautiful Days in Dieppe

The international kite festival in Dieppe France is clearly one of the great kite gatherings on the planet. For ten days, fliers from around the world gather here to share their kiting culture, flying secrets, and friendship. For 2006, 27 nations were represented. And while it may be a bit of a stretch to list […]

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100_3513 (Small)

Issue 50: 14th Annual Canal Days

You might already be asking yourself where in the world is Port Colborne, Ontario? Today it’s a small city of approx 18,000 people and is situated on the northern shores of Lake Erie. It’s very close to Buffalo, New York. Port Colborne is a community truly steeped in history. First Nations people lived on the […]

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A - Monk and John do Rev Pairs

Issue 50: Steveston SKC

Is it over already? Is the fight for a spot to the Grand Nationals for the 2005-2006 season over? It must be, because this past weekend we had our yearly competition up in Canada at Gary Point Park in Steveston, BC. This is our last event of the kiting year and yet again, a jacket […]

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B - Mutt and Jeff do the Weirdo Dance

Issue 49: A Day at Vanier

Well, normally I’m excited, even energized, by a road-trip to a kite festival… Maybe it was our off-again on-again scheduling, or maybe it was the blasted 75 minutes it took us to get across the bridge to Washington State – Yes, an hour and a quarter to cover the first 5 miles on a Thursday […]

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