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Revoclinic 2013

Since Bolau announced the event on the various forum about three months ago, we motivated people, especially the intermediate and advanced level, taking care looking around when they fly, teaching them to take care in squares, parks, beaches and other flight places. When they see the spectacular flight of the  kite, people stop and stare, observing, […]

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iQuad Xtra Vents on loan...

2012 Rev Team Boot Camp

Well I’ve had some time to think about the “boot camp” held on July 7-8 of this year and what it meant to me! I remember being excited, but nervous!! Remember, I’ve only been flying in formation for about a year now! Could I do all that was being asked of us?? Were my skills […]

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15 - Steven Leonard does a 3D catch

West Coast Rev Clinic V

I have been flying kites for a long time, probably 25 years. I wouldn’t say that I was proficient with anything other than a 1 line kite. I am ok and am learning to trick with dual line kites but where my heart is, where I am I believe passionate about kiting is quad line […]

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2012 Revoclinic Gandia

Just over four years ago, I had some good discussions with Tonet (Team Bolau) by email about the dynamics of hosting a Rev clinic (structure, logistics, etc)… I sent over the materials we’d been using and shared the philosophy that worked best for us which is simply, family first – make it a social kite […]

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David Hathaway, iQuad tailgunner

Issue 80: REVisions – Singapore Rev Clinic

The Singapore Sling iQuad has held their trademark clinics all over the United States, in Canada and even in the United Kingdom over the past 5 years, teaching people new skills and approaches with their Revolution Kites. Introducing people to team flying, working on specific skill sets and helping them to shortcut the learning process […]

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Issue 72: Great Lakes Kite Festival

When you end up writing a lot of articles involving trips to festivals (by choice, I’ll add…) sometimes you stare at a blank document in Word and draw a blank. I’ve found there’s ways to minimize this. One handy one is to try and at least write some notes, lest you end up 6 weeks […]

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iQuad rockin'... Barresi, de Rooy, Poulter, and Hathaway..

Issue 65: South Padre Island Kite Festival

They say all good things must come to an end, but we sure weren’t ready for this year’s festival to end. It was one of the best if not the best festivals we’ve had on the Island. Normally, we have one good weather day to fly and one questionable or really bad weather day to […]

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Issue 65: Gandia Rev Clinic

Saturday morning dawned and sitting down to “cafelito” – a sort of first breakfast, I watched the lamp post outside the window swaying around in the strong blustery wind.  Flying was going to be tough.  At 9 am we headed on down to the beach to meet the fliers who had gathered from all over […]

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Watty, peeking into the truck...

Issue 65: West Coast Rev Clinic II

One year ago, iQuad, in conjunction with the World Kite Museum, held a Rev clinic on Long Beach, Washington, home of the WSIKF kite festival. Attracting more than 30 signups for this inaugural event, we then went on to hold clinics all over the place last year! So as the new year rolled around, we […]

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Issue 65: Gandia Rev Clinic (photo gallery)

Photos by Team Bolau and Co.

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