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Felix Sadpuss

Issue 79: Pothecary’s Corner

Contributions Often the editor of this magazine is asking you, the membership, for help and, quite honestly, I reckon some of you guys out there could probably do a little more. The task of filling this magazine every couple of months is frightening – not a duty I would want to take on! One of […]

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Issue 78: From the Editor

Wow, seventy-eight issues! It always fills me with nostalgia, a lot of memories (both personal and in kiting) in the last 40 issues we’ve done. Honestly, I really didn’t have any idea of what I’d be getting myself into when I took over the reins from Mike Gillard in 2003 – I had some idea […]

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Issue 57: From the Editor

Many of you have heard the idea that if you could get six million monkeys with six million typewriters (or, Macs), through the liberal application of statistics, they will eventually type up a copy of some Shakespeare. However, this month, there is one monkey and one Mac so, there isn’t very good odds that there […]

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Issue 56: From the Editor

Fall greetings to all our readers, and welcome to another issue of Kitelife! We came off the presses a day late with this one, with our web staff in transit between the Niagara Kite Festival and the AKA Grand Nationals (AKAGN) which begins this week in Ocean Shores, WA… Click here for daily updates (Tue-Sat) from the […]

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Issue 50: Kites… Life.

The Equation is: Kites + Life = Kitelife. Pretty simple, eh? Well, maybe… but it also can be pretty complex when you think about it! And, here at Kitelife, we sometimes DO think about things like this… I often wish Mike Gillard were still around… There’re SO many questions I wanted to ask him, and […]

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Issue 35: Call for Literate Kiters

Well, shucks, folks. John (your Kitelife publisher) is apparently a little too proper to scream “HELP!!!” or something! Well, nobody’s ever accused me of being too shy – at least not when it comes to the printed page. So – WE NEED YOU!!! Yup, there’re open slots right here at Kitelife for people just like […]

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Issue 31: From the Editor

Welcome to the 31st issue of KL! With a jump of nearly 6,000 visitors from June to July and a growing archive of videos and more, we plan on continuing our growth and expansion of services… Fueled by a change in ownership (see Kites…Life), Kitelife Magazine has moved it’s offices from Ohio to Oregon in an […]

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