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_DSC9818 Classic stack of Trlbys flown by Mike McDonald

Gallery: Kite Party X

Photos by John Chilese (click here for the event report) To see John Chilese’s complete gallery from Kite Party X, please visit his Picasa page.

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Keeping Focus

As we covered in our recent Kites… Life column, the very popular Focus Kites (Paul DeBakker and Hunter Brown) had ceased to make kites, was essentially defunct, and there were indeed discussions to make some of the most popular designs available through a new company. Just recently, we (along with so many others) received our […]

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The Glider Craze

If you are to go to any indoor kiting event in the world, what kites would you expect to see? You’ll see some Revs, an Echo, and maybe an iTrix. Lately, you will also see a bunch of gliders including the iFlite, the Zen glider, Plutz, Wala, Skate, Urban Ninja or Horvath. Gliders have slowly […]

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Issue 81: Kites… Life.

New kites to look out for… The SuperFly After working with Carl Robertshaw for many years, we’ve been wondering if “le petite phenom” Chris Goff would start producing his own high-end kites… Well, wonder no more! The SuperFly Teaser from ChrisGoffKites on Vimeo.     Per his website: After over 8 months of development and countless […]

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Issue 77: Lincoln City Indoor Festival 2011

“Oh, My… How I DO love the power and majesty of Nature here in the Pacific Northwest…” I was standing on the balcony of a condominium unit in Gleneden Beach, OR – just south of Lincoln City, Oregon when I think this.. Or rather, our guest, Nelson Borelli, had just commented on how “Fantastic!” it […]

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Issue 65: ProFile: Paul de Bakker

I first had the pleasure of meeting Paul de Bakker nearly four years ago in Lincoln City, Oregon. Paul was one of the “Invited Fliers” at the Indoor Kite Festival Lincoln City puts on each year, and we sort of hit it off so to speak. During that memorable event, Paul flew some of the […]

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