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Video Cumulus (9-6-12)

Just a few of the kite flying videos we’ve enjoyed over the past couple of weeks… Some new, some older, but all great representations of kiting skill and spirit. Extreme Kiteboarding by PUSH Kiting Extreme Kiteboarding by professional Kiteboarders David Ursell, Aj Philipsen and Kris Beech, tearing  up land and sky with a hip and […]

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Issue 80: Dave’s World: Dieppe Kite Festival

Muddy, Smelly, Itchy, Windless, and Tons of Fun! Rant of the week: All the advice I offer in my Travel Tips can be ignored if you are flying on Continental. I’ve flown close to two million miles on Star Alliance carriers and have never had a long bag refused or charged. But the woman at […]

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Issue 75: Dave’s World: Claudio Capelli Showcase

November 16, 2010 The international festival in Dieppe, France, did something delightful this year. From around the world, they collected, borrowed, and begged more than two dozen magnificent kites painted by Italian artist Claudio Capelli. The kites were showcased in City Hall and mesmerized assembled kiters during the Mayor’s reception. Later in the week, I […]

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Issue 57: Dieppe Kite International

Perception is a funny thing. Growing up in Western New York State, on the US–Canada border, I always consider myself as being from the Northeast; albeit from the Northeast United States. Driving further Northeast for almost 1000 miles (1600 km) towards the Canadian Maritime on a recent road trip with good friend, Vaino Raun, and […]

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Issue 50: Dave’s World: Three Beautiful Days in Dieppe

The international kite festival in Dieppe France is clearly one of the great kite gatherings on the planet. For ten days, fliers from around the world gather here to share their kiting culture, flying secrets, and friendship. For 2006, 27 nations were represented. And while it may be a bit of a stretch to list […]

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Issue 44: Dave’s World: Eight Days in Deippe

We’ve been receiving cards and calls from friends around the world. “What happened??” they ask. “Are you and Susan ok??” Yes were fine, thank you. We’re not in a Canadian jail, or lost in an airline crash, or kidnapped by anti-kite extremists. I simply couldn’t access the FTP server to upload an update last week. […]

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Issue 38: Dave’s World

We’ve got a seven hour lay-over in Frankfurt. That’s time enough to check email again, upload the Update, and beg for an upgrade…. By dawn, we’ll be over South Africa and headed for Cape Town. Dieppe was a real pleasure this year. Being a tourist instead of a formal guest gave Susie and I a […]

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Issue 33: Dave’s World

For we kitefliers, the name Dieppe brings to mind a huge international festival sparkling with color, innovative designs, and warm friendships. But at the edge of the field, un-noticed by many kiters stands a memorial to a much different Dieppe. On a similar cloudy morning 60 years ago, six thousand Allied troops waded ashore at […]

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Issue 5: World Cup Preview

World Cup 1998 promises to be a special one. It will be part of one of the world’s biggest and, more important, part of one of the world’s greatest kite festivals. Contrary to its reputation as a festival devoted primarily to single line flyers, this year Dieppe will be expanded and enhanced by two line […]

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