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Issue 74: Drachen Archives: DOTA @ Burning Man

My 2010 Burning Man experience started with a full-fledged white-out of blowing dust and sand. Entering the Black Rock City with the Department of Tethered Aviation’s (DOTA) set-up crew (about 15 people) we arrived a full four days before the official start of the event. With blowing dust everywhere, and many of our own camp-mates […]

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Yoshi and his mokuhanga painted kite

Issue 73: Drachen Archives: Master of Paper and Flight

For the last twenty years, there has been a shining star in the kite flyers’ universe: the Kunstdrachen (Art Kites) exhibit, organized by Dr. Paul Eubel of Germany. The Art Kites have traveled throughout Europe, to Japan, Canada, and Chile. Sadly, as he was preparing the exhibit for travel to Cuba, we lost Paul to […]

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Issue 71: Drachen Archives – Relegated to the Back Room…

As I was starting to organize all of the assorted objects that are not kites, for the annual trip to the Nevada/California desert for this year’s NABX (North American Buggy Expo), I had to rummage through a variety of things in the “back room”.  I religiously use my buggy one a year, rain or shine, […]

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Issue 70: Drachen Archives – German Submarine Rotary Wing Kite

Having attended the High Altitude Wind Power symposium at California State University in Chico, I was surprised at the variety of high altitude energy systems proposed by presenters and attendees (www.hawpconference.org).  Of the many proposals, however, I was struck by the possibility of using tethered autogiros in high altitude energy generation.  Here is a “kite” […]

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Issue 64: Drachen Archives: The Way We Were

Another year has slipped away and memories of Y2K have become distant as the first decade of the 21st Century has almost passed.  As we mark this moment, I want to take a look back at how we in the kite world have progressed to this exciting time; kite surfing a mainstream sport, resurgence of […]

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Issue 59: Owls and Dragons

On Tuesday 25th March 2008, eighty freshman students at Temple University’s Engineering College took over the Temple Owls soccer fields and baseball diamonds to form 20 teams of 4 kite designers each. Four members of the South Jersey Kite Flyers were on hand to judge the endurance portion of all 20 team kites. This kite […]

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Greger Files

Issue 56: Drachen Archives: “The Black Files”

In addition to the hundreds of kites, tools, photos, and books in its collection, the Drachen Foundation’s archive also includes what is known at the Study Center as “the black files.” Contained in 21 three-drawer filing cabinets are thousands of documents, photographs, newspaper clippings and letters. Two of the gems contained here are the files […]

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Issue 55: Drachen Archives: Paper Japanese Kite

The Drachen Foundation often receives generous archival donations from unexpected places. Seldom is any donation turned down, as one can never determine the worth of an object before it is seen. Recently, Robert Searfoss of Atlanta, Georgia, contacted the Foundation in order to donate a much-loved Japanese kite that had become too delicate for display […]

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Careful launch of the kite with antenna attached

Issue 54: Drachen Archives: Marconi-Crippen

It’s easy to be enthused about a new Erik Larson book; the stories he weaves in Isaac’s Storm and The Devil in the White City contrast intriguing personal stories with greater the events of a period of time. In one he tells of the biggest natural disaster in United States history, while in the other, […]

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Bird Kitecr

Issue 53: Drachen Archives: Au fil des Vents

The Drachen Foundation recently placed a database of its library archive online for the public to view. With prized volumes and many information-heavy reference books, easily overlooked in the Drachen Foundation Archive are three small volumes of poetry, prose, and pictures lovingly compiled by Philippe Cottenceau. Cottenceau, who recently passed away, was a celebrated kite […]

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