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Issue 80: Dave’s World: Berkeley Kite Festival

Everyone Flies in Berkeley! Berkeley was great this year. Might have been the best Berkeley in years. Up on the hill, stings of larger lifters and laundry filled the sky. The learn-to-fly fields were backed up with new students. And the sport kite competitions and demos kept up a steady stream of activity on the […]

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Issue 80: Dave’s World: Dieppe Kite Festival

Muddy, Smelly, Itchy, Windless, and Tons of Fun! Rant of the week: All the advice I offer in my Travel Tips can be ignored if you are flying on Continental. I’ve flown close to two million miles on Star Alliance carriers and have never had a long bag refused or charged. But the woman at […]

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Issue 62: MOTS Kite Festival

This festival started much like any other. I departed for John’s house on Thursday so we could catch our morning flights on Friday. It was all normal affairs until the morning came and we got our fun surprise. It was about 3:30 in the morning when John got the phone call that usually lets you […]

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Issue 55: How To Publicize Your Festival

As Editor Barresi will tell you, I occasionally get these strange “thoughts” – which usually means I’m in trouble again, so I’ll tell you how it happens… I ran into my fine friend, John Freeman – kite-builder extraordinaire – at a recent festival, and that led me back to his Kitelife article in a prior Kitelife […]

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Issue 52: National Kite Month

In some parts of the country March seems to be known as a month to fly kites. To lessen the odds of having snow on you favorite flying fields the American Kiteflyers Association and the Kite Trades Association have banded together to make April National Kite Month. Forget about the showers and lets all fly […]

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2006 AKA Convention: Day 1

And so it begins! The 29th Annual American Kitefliers Convention, in Des Moines, Iowa. Like most of the attendees, John Barresi and Monkey (David Hathaway) and I (Dave ‘geezer” Shattuck) flew in rather than drove. John and I were at the Portland Airport at 3:30 AM Sunday morning for our flights to Des Moines, and […]

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Issue 49: Junction Kite Makers’ Retreat

The Texas Tech Extension Campus once again extended an invitation to the kite makers for a Retreat, general fly time and friendly gathering over Memorial Day Weekend. This is the 18th year of an annual event, so perhaps one could call it tradition in every sense of the word. Tradition and good to see everyone […]

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Issue 49: Nordic Kite Meeting

Thursday May 25th Beeeeep, beeeeep, beeeep, beeeep!!! With the sound of the alarm clock’s wake up call still lingering in my ears I kind of sleep walked into the shower too early trying to wake up after a few very hectic days. Suddenly I realised why the alarm clock was set to go off this […]

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Issue 46: St. Augustine SKC

After a nice long spell of rain it was time for some west coast getaway.The Portland / Vancouver crew headed for Florida by way Texas early on Thursday, meeting up with the Canadian crew by mid-day. As we caught up with each other we found John in a wheel chair where his competition would probably […]

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Issue 32: A Fine Gathering on Kite Hill

Shucks, just another normal summer day in the upper left-hand corner of the map – even though the upper RIGHT-hand corner is suffering a massive power outage right now. Not a cloud in the sky here, temps around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and a decent breeze out of the northwest. So I think I’ll go hang […]

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