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Imagine 8 of these in the sky at once

Issue 62: Portsmouth Kite Festival

Late last year, I think just after WSIKF, I received an interesting email. When John Barresi and I had journeyed off to Berck Sur Mer for the World Championships in 2006, I’d emailed Felix Mottram of  The Decorators in the hopes that perhaps they’d be there as well, as their web site schedule suggested as […]

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Issue 48: REVisions: Trip to Quad Heaven

Many years ago, when I first picked up a kite, there were a few magazines that were published on a regular basis. A few things caught my eye in those days, mainly festival reports on the “large” festivals, and any article on Revolutions. I remember at that point reading all about the annual Berck-Sur-Mer festival […]

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Sand storm

2006 World Sport Kite Championships: Day 2

When it comes down to the World Championships, it’s not an easy thing to win and conditions at the start of the competition ensured that it would be a tough goal today. It started off blowing over the buildings, coming from inland at about 8-10 mph, then turned around off the ocean varying from 15 […]

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