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Behind Closed Doors at KTA

The Gomberg Team has just returned from the Kite Trade Association Convention in Las Vegas. KTA is an unusual gathering. To begin with, it is a closed show. The public, or kite fliers for that matter, are not invited or allowed to attend. And that is as it should be. The purpose of the program […]

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Issue 81: Kites… Life.

New kites to look out for… The SuperFly After working with Carl Robertshaw for many years, we’ve been wondering if “le petite phenom” Chris Goff would start producing his own high-end kites… Well, wonder no more! The SuperFly Teaser from ChrisGoffKites on Vimeo.     Per his website: After over 8 months of development and countless […]

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Issue 80: Dave’s World: Berkeley Kite Festival

Everyone Flies in Berkeley! Berkeley was great this year. Might have been the best Berkeley in years. Up on the hill, stings of larger lifters and laundry filled the sky. The learn-to-fly fields were backed up with new students. And the sport kite competitions and demos kept up a steady stream of activity on the […]

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Issue 80: Dave’s World: Dieppe Kite Festival

Muddy, Smelly, Itchy, Windless, and Tons of Fun! Rant of the week: All the advice I offer in my Travel Tips can be ignored if you are flying on Continental. I’ve flown close to two million miles on Star Alliance carriers and have never had a long bag refused or charged. But the woman at […]

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Issue 79: Dave’s World: VungTau Kite Festival

Putting the Wow in VungTau! April 12, 2011 Imagine a huge crowd, a shrinking beach, and 120 enthused kiters from around the world. Mix them together and shake with above-normal winds. Sounds like the VungTau International Kite Festival in Vietnam. This was my second visit to VungTau and their third annual event. Organization has improved […]

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Issue 79: Dave’s World: Uiseong Kite Festival

Uiseong International Kite Festival Spring Breeze! Flower Breeze! Kite Breeze! That was the hopeful message that greeted kite masters from around the world when they converged on Uiseong, South Korea, for the First International Kite Festival there. More than 100 guests representing 24 nations were invited. The goal was to celebrate traditional Korean kite arts […]

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Issue 79: Lincoln City Summer Festival

Rockin’ the Rokakku! Well, the Not-So-New-Now Kite Van is at it again – off on another road trip to yet another Kite Fest. By the way, the “Not-So-New-Now” part of that sentence means I’m giving the van some credit for being a real workhorse at this point. At the time I write this, I can […]

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Issue 78: Dave’s World: Family Day Festival in Doha, Qatar

Doha Finally — and a Fine Event It Was Too! May 8, 2011 Doha is a sparkling clean, ultra-modern new city perched on the edge of a barren desert. it is the capital of Qatar on the Persian Gulf, bordering Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Earlier this year, we’d received a call inviting […]

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Issue 77: Dave’s World: Zilker Park Kite Festival

March 8, 2011 Greetings from Austin Texas and the Zilker Park Kite Festival! For eighty three years locals have been celebrating the arrival of spring with kites in this huge park. Susie and I were asked to be on the field at 6:30 to talk with one of the morning news shows live. “How is […]

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Issue 77: Kite Party 9

Kite Party. Kite Party 9 in fact. Make note of the complete lack of the word “Festival”. Keep in mind there is no competition. In fact, there is barely a schedule. There’s a small number of demos and most days, the attendees would see even less of those! There’s sun, there’s sand, there’s kite fliers, […]

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