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Learning About Laundry

Some time back, I published an overview of Line Laundry. You can see the details here. But in this report, I’m going to try and be a bit more technical. I’m asked from time to time about line laundry. How much can you fly? What works best? What looks best?? And the answer is always […]

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Working the Wind Window

Most of us have seen some of the basic diagrams and introductions to the wind window as it relates to a sport kite flier… Oversimplified, it’s the more or less half-circle space downwind in which your kite is able to fly with the strongest in the middle and power reducing as you fly out toward […]

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Radio Equipment for Team Flying

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the first annual Rev Team Boot Camp led by Team iQuad.  One of the requirements for this clinic was a radio.  These radios allow a team to share common music, ease the strain on the team leaders voice, and greatly improve call clarity across the team.  This article’s […]

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When it Becomes a Kite Routine

Amongst even recreational sport (stunt) kite fliers, the words “ballet” or “kite routine” (individual) are fairly common terminology and bring to mind someone piloting their kite through various maneuvers in time to a musical track either as a structured program (choreographed and planned out) or totally off the cuff – i.e. improvised “soul flying”… Regardless […]

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Kite Flying with Intent

After six plus years of doing sport kite workshops and clinics (both dual and quad kites), I’ve had a lot of opportunities to work with different personalities and skill sets while teaching… One of the things that I see most frequently with beginning, and even some more advanced fliers, is a lack of intent in their […]

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Sport Kite Tutorials

With so much organized Rev flying activity happening over the past few years, Kitelife has been proud to be at the forefront through sponsorship of Team iQuad, Rev Clinics and a growing collection of video tutorials from 25-time AKA/AKM national champion John Barresi. Whether you’re new to the world of Rev flying, or a veteran […]

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Rev Indoor Mods

Modding a Rev Indoor

This January marked the debut of my new indoor Rev team Flyform. Along with John and TK Barresi, we performed for the first time to the Black Eyed Peas “Pump It” at the Windless kite festival in Long Beach, WA. I recently received our new team practice kites and was put in charge of making […]

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Issue 3: 4play

They say music soothes the savage beast.  Trust me, a kite zipping through the sky can be just that.  Music makes the flight of our kites make sense.  In precision, we are assigned figures and anything else is simply supposed to be a transition from one move to the next, basically a fancy way of […]

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Issue 3: Welcome to the Machine

Needles and thread The needle and thread combination is to your sewing machine what gasoline is to your car. Your sewing machine might be working fine but without the right type and size needle, things might not work out the way you want. So, let’s take a real close look at sewing needles to better […]

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Issue 2: Beginning Ballet

INTRODUCTION One of the most satisfying experiences of participating in sport kite events is being able to compete with a routine of your own design. Andy Wardley, the great UK flier once wrote: “…I want the world to see what I’ve done and like it (or even hate it, as long as they feel something). […]

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