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History of Sport Kite Competition - pt 3

History of Sport Kite Competition – pt 3

The American Kite Magazine National Stunt Kite Circuit The American Kite Magazine National Stunt Kite Standings system was proposed by American Kite magazine, and publisher, editor Daniel Prentice in the preimer issue of AKM magazines the summer in 1988! (pg. 37 Vol 1 #1) This was the first issue published by this new magazine! This […]

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Mrs. Kemp (left) stands with  her 6th period class around the Waccamaw Warrior ending a fun and successful kite day where all of Mrs. Kemp’s classes flew kites with 100% of all kites flying high.  Ahh, this must prove that the kites were of good symmetry and congruent.  Personally, I think it was just fun.  Way to go Mrs. Kemp and classes.

History and Geometry of Kites

Lesson by Jacqueline Kemp and Alan W. Pritchard What does congruent mean?  What does symmetry mean and what can you do with the knowledge in real life?  These are just some of the questions Jackie Kemp hears all the time as a 9th grade math/Geometry Teacher at Waccamaw High School.  Mrs. Kemp wanted to do […]

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1 - Sledge and Kite

Drachen – Perusing a Kite Archive

Perhaps the following images and details from articles will spur some of you to action.  Research, kite-making, or epic adventure, these snippets give you some perspective of the role of kites as tools – easily forgotten when history is finally written. Several of my favorite historical images come from the Illustrated London News, of which […]

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History of Sport Kite Competition – Pt 1

The Wanderings of a “Kite Addict” Introduction: This History was originally written in the Gone with the Winds On-line forum throughout November of 2004. In this History I have only included my own personal posts. The comments, posts and submissions of other “Long Time” sport kite fliers have been included in my own words, and […]

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Boys fly kites in the "starting block" of the Soaring Kite sugoroku. Note the depiction of the climber in the game square above the starting block; line-climbers were commonly called "monkeys", like this one.

Drachen Archives: Japanese Prints

Scott Skinner has one of the most unique collections of Japanese prints in the world because of his focus on collecting prints with kite images.  This collection, however, does not have a corner on uniqueness, as we know of a Seattle collector of Japanese prints who collects only prints with images of cameras..  The point […]

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Hi-Flier Playmate of the Clouds 30" kite

Issue 73: Hi-Flyer kites, An Appreciation

Ask me what I know about Decatur, IL, and I’ll tell you that that’s where Hi-Flier kites come from. Came from, at least, in the era when I was an ardent consumer of kites. This was from about 1960 to 1966, roughly when I was in second through eighth grade, on the Northwest Side of […]

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Issue 73: Alox Kites and the Man Who Made Them

In terms of “bang for the buck,” not many toys could equal the Boomer-era dime-store paper kite. Ten cents for the kite, ten cents for the string, and you had an afternoon sailing the invisible waters of the local schoolyard sky. I used to hunt in empty lots for returnable bottles to buy kites, but […]

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Issue 72: Drachen Archives: A Collection of National Treasures

It is a bit humorous to talk about “humans” being artifacts and treasures, but such is the case with Dr. Paul Eubel , Nobuhiko Yoshizumi (Yoshi) and the infamous collection of kites, known for almost 20 years as ART KITES. The history is simple:  The vision of Dr. Paul Eubel as the director of the […]

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Issue 71: Origin of the word “KITE”

Numismaster.com posted an article recently about the origin of the word ‘kite’. The beginning of the article is below. The article in its entirety is at: http://www.numismaster.com/ta/numis/Article.jsp?ad=article&ArticleId=9603 Bird Inspiration for Invention of Paper Kite By Dennis Rainey, World Coin News March 01, 2010 “If I asked 10 people at random the question, “What is a […]

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Issue 70: Drachen Archives – German Submarine Rotary Wing Kite

Having attended the High Altitude Wind Power symposium at California State University in Chico, I was surprised at the variety of high altitude energy systems proposed by presenters and attendees (www.hawpconference.org).  Of the many proposals, however, I was struck by the possibility of using tethered autogiros in high altitude energy generation.  Here is a “kite” […]

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