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History of Sport Kite Competition – Pt 2

How do you compare Apples to Oranges After the 1987 SKC season ended our imaginative kitefliers took all their hardware, pairs of kites, costumes and other “accessories” to the new event called “Innovative”. The first year for Innovative competitions (1988) were based on a set of rules decided on over the winter by the AKA SK committee. […]

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New dogstake

Issue 81: Around the Bend

What is dogstaking, or “reverse flying”? A little history When I started flying, it was all about just learning quad and dual line flying – learning the controls, building muscle memory and the like in order to put the kite more or less where I wanted it to go… At the same time, I was […]

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Lee Sedgwick at play with his Revolution.

Issue 42: Innovative vs. Freestyle

As the sport kite scene was coming into it’s own in the late 80’s, many of the more creative fliers found a new venue in which to demonstrate their ideas… Innovative competition. Complete with props, costumes, kites and a more than a little showmanship, pilots tried everything from flying multiple kites to dogstake/solo flying, riding […]

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