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Drachen: A Tale of Two Collectors

For almost thirty years I have collected Japanese woodblock prints (ukiyo-e) that have images of kites somewhere in the print.  At the time, I naively thought that there would be very few of these, that this would be an interesting addition to my kite collection, a part that would grow slowly and one that would […]

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Boys fly kites in the "starting block" of the Soaring Kite sugoroku. Note the depiction of the climber in the game square above the starting block; line-climbers were commonly called "monkeys", like this one.

Drachen Archives: Japanese Prints

Scott Skinner has one of the most unique collections of Japanese prints in the world because of his focus on collecting prints with kite images.  This collection, however, does not have a corner on uniqueness, as we know of a Seattle collector of Japanese prints who collects only prints with images of cameras..  The point […]

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Issue 81: Japan in Argentina

Japanese Kite Exhibition and Demonstration It was a great satisfaction to Claris and me to be invited, like year before at Environmental and Cultural Japanese Garden of Buenos Aires, in order to do a Japanese Kite Exhibition and flight demonstration. This year we make new models of Japanese kites, minis and normal size. Claris surprised […]

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Issue 65: Drachen Archives: Traditions of Woodblock

In Japan in the early 18th Century began a great kite-hysteria that lasted through most of the 19th Century.  This 200 year period also saw the dramatic rise in popularity of the Kabuki Theater, a time when actors were the most famous citizens in their cities.  Another group of artists that were able to exert […]

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Issue 61: Drachen Archives: Yukio Akiyama

Mr. Akiyama first came to Drachen’s attention when a set of origami kite designs were emailed to us from Japan.  Although the art of origami has been around for centuries, it has never been a subject of interest or collection in the world of kites.  Our archival collection never had any reason to make any […]

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Issue 55: Drachen Archives: Paper Japanese Kite

The Drachen Foundation often receives generous archival donations from unexpected places. Seldom is any donation turned down, as one can never determine the worth of an object before it is seen. Recently, Robert Searfoss of Atlanta, Georgia, contacted the Foundation in order to donate a much-loved Japanese kite that had become too delicate for display […]

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