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Photo by Maggie Walker

Empty Spaces: Jørgen Møller Hansen

Perhaps it is a bit “odd” to have so many individuals write about one kitemaker. But that is the point, he is one SPECIAL kitemaker, and I am sure there are hundreds more who would and are waiting to step up to their computers to write something about this phenomenal man, Jørgen Møller Hansen. What […]

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Kieron Jansch

Videos: Kite Making by Kieron Jansch (1-3)

Having just seen the third in his series ourselves, we thought our readers might enjoy these very popular videos by Kieron Jansch… Kite Making from Kieron Jansch on Vimeo. I’m often asked where I got the kite I happen to be flying; the answer is that I make them. This generally leads into a long […]

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May 11-13, 2012: Spring Sewing for Summer Soaring

Plans for the Spring Sewing for Summer Soaring kite making retreat have just been finalized.  This three day kite making retreat will be held in Parksville,Friday May 11 to Sunday May 13. Attached please find information and a registration form to apply for this fantastic kite making weekend. Please mark your calendars for this special […]

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Issue 71: Rokkaku Workshop

Okay, we’re on our way again. This time, it’s Theresa Norelius and I – on our way to a Build-A-Kite Workshop at the World Kite Museum in Long Beach, Washington on that mid-February three-day weekend, “President’s Day Weekend.” And so, a couple of hours on Friday afternoon saw us headed over to Long Beach and […]

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Issue 71: Kite Plan – Crowell Cross Deck

I am not sure how everyone else builds kites, but I will assume that anyone wanting to build this kite will know how to sew and will have some familiarity with the materials used. TOOLS Hot knife Sewing machine Poster board 1/8”-diameter fiberglass rod, about 4’ long ( for pattern making) Cyanoacrylate (“super”) glue Stick […]

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Issue 71: Kite Plan – Stacked Deltas

Whether the Marconi-rigged kite actually gets added performance from its overlapping jib and Venturi slot is questionable. However, there is no denying that it is a spectacular looking creation. This is especially true of the Four-Masted Schooner by Arthr Kurle*. It can also be said that the construction is rather complicated. One might hesitate to […]

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Issue 70: Kite Plan – Ohashi’s No-Bridle Kites

When is a bridle not a bridle??When it is a single line attached to a single point on a kite. Eiji Ohashi of Japan, known around the world for his kite trains, originally called this design system the “one-bridle kite.” But he reports that kitemaker Reza Ragheb challenged the terminology. “Seeing my kites he said […]

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Issue 66: Pictorial: Johan Hallin (Sweden)

When I first met Johan Hallin from Sweden, and saw his beautiful feather kites flying from the end of his fishing pole, I was anxious for everyone to see them! Johan’s feather kites are the most incredible works of art, made from elegant and beautiful swan, gull, and goose feathers. In addition to a great […]

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Issue 65: Drachen Archives: Traditions of Woodblock

In Japan in the early 18th Century began a great kite-hysteria that lasted through most of the 19th Century.  This 200 year period also saw the dramatic rise in popularity of the Kabuki Theater, a time when actors were the most famous citizens in their cities.  Another group of artists that were able to exert […]

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Issue 65: Kite Plan: The “Sedgwickcube”

We first saw this kite bobbing over the boardwalk at Ocean City, Maryland during the 1998 Maryland International Kite Expo. Strolling underneath was its genial maker, Lee Sedgwick of Erie, Pennsylvania. The shiny kite had concave spars bowed out of each end and a sliding bridle that enabled him to roll and bounce it over […]

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