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Video Cumulus (4-11-2012)

Just a few of the kite flying videos we’ve enjoyed over the past couple of weeks… Some new, some older, but all great representations of kiting skill and spirit! A dancer and a kite flier on a theater stage…. “Thanks to Grace Antonette to have danced with us and thanks to Luca ciaccio Armaroli for […]

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08 - John Chilese guides this boy to a Rev flown by Ben Dantonio

Kite Party X

The tenth annual Kite Party (KP) in Huntington Beach (CA) was held on March 10-11 this year, drawing fliers from as far away as Germany… It’s perfectly scheduled since it’s a time of the year when much of North America is still thawing out or is still downright frigid, so kite fliers often make turn […]

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_DSC9818 Classic stack of Trlbys flown by Mike McDonald

Gallery: Kite Party X

Photos by John Chilese (click here for the event report) To see John Chilese’s complete gallery from Kite Party X, please visit his Picasa page.

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Issue 77: Kite Party 9

Kite Party. Kite Party 9 in fact. Make note of the complete lack of the word “Festival”. Keep in mind there is no competition. In fact, there is barely a schedule. There’s a small number of demos and most days, the attendees would see even less of those! There’s sun, there’s sand, there’s kite fliers, […]

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Issue 77: Kite Party 9 Gallery

Photos by Jim Strealy, John Chilese, TK Barresi

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Issue 71: Kite Party 8

Roughly 8 years ago, a bunch of people from the Gone With The Wind (GWTW) forum had an idea. “Let’s all meet at Dave Shenkman’s kite store (The Kite Connection) and have a kite party on the beach.. Just a small gathering, with no schedule and no use of the “F” word, that one being […]

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Dave's shop

Issue 71: Kite Party 8 Gallery

Photos by Takako Barresi

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Issue 65: Kite Party 7

One of the first events of the year, known for good weather and a relaxing format, Kite Party in Huntington Beach has drawn fliers from all over the world since the first time it was held in 2003… This year marked the 7th annual Kite Party, passionately organized by Dave Shenkman of The Kite Connection […]

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Issue 65: Kite Party 7 (photo gallery)

Photos by John Chilese

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Issue 59: Kite Party 6

6 years ago, a few members from Gone With the Wind’s  forum decided to get together at Huntington Beach for a Kite Party. 6 years later, the event continues to grow and it’s become the first “major” outdoor event on the West Coast for a new year. Put on by Dave Schenkman (and a bunch […]

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