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Review: BiPlutz

This year, I spent the month of July in Singapore doing school performances for ACT 3 International. During my stay, I had the pleasure of meeting the man behind the Plutz and the Zero-G, Leong Chee Wan of Malaysia. Chee Wan had a new toy to show off when we met, aptly named the BiPlutz. […]

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Issue 80: News Reel

Kiting news from around the world Anniversary There were various 9/11 tribute fly’s to commemorate the 10th anniversary. The below photo is from our northern friends in Guelph, Ontario. http://www.newsday.com/…9-11-tribute-1.3160024 http://record-eagle.com/local…9-11-Events http://www.examiner.com/long-island-tributes-to-9-11 Charity “The 13-year-old has embarked on a crusade to raise $1,000 for a beach trip for 27 orphans served by Flying Kites, an […]

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Chinese Calling Card

Issue 62: Drachen Archives

As director of one of the largest collections of kites in the world, I often get inquiries as to what we collect or should be collecting in the world of kites.  What is the importance or value of an individual item or a collection of items? Whose job is it to determine what is worthy […]

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Issue 59: KiteChi with The Coreylama

I want to change the world. Well, at least the AKA kite world. I want to change the way we structure our AKA convention. Before we go too far let me say up-front that I am not anti-competition, merely fond of finding other ways to play. I have found kite competitions to be a bit […]

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Issue 6: A Kite Wedding

“It’s a nice day for a Kite Wedding…….     It’s a nice day to start again…..” On Saturday October 24 Kevin Kirkendoll, a member of the Austin End Of the Line (EOL) Kite Team was married to Nicole’ Berdis on the front porch of the Fly It Port “A” kite shop in Port Aransas, Texas. […]

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