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Video Cumulus (7-6-12)

Just a few of the kite flying videos we’ve enjoyed over the past couple of weeks… Some new, some older, but all great representations of kiting skill and spirit. We’re going a little Rev-heavy on this one, look for another genre next time! Gettin’ it Off My Chest Multiple Rev Flying by Steve de Rooy  […]

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Video: Oregon Coast Summer Kite Festival 2011

One of my personal favorite videos of all time, it deserves to be posted and re-posted with abandon… It comes from the YouTube channel of JetsWing (Cody Cha), a truly fantastic video mind – be sure to browse the other works in his channel. A fun filled weekend at the Summer Kite Festival in Lincoln […]

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Issue 77: Lincoln City Indoor Festival 2011

“Oh, My… How I DO love the power and majesty of Nature here in the Pacific Northwest…” I was standing on the balcony of a condominium unit in Gleneden Beach, OR – just south of Lincoln City, Oregon when I think this.. Or rather, our guest, Nelson Borelli, had just commented on how “Fantastic!” it […]

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Issue 75: Lincoln City Fall Festival

Noah visits Lincoln City… or Lordy, LORDY – Didn’t it RAIN!!! Yes, it’s actually all true (well, most of it anyway)… But let me start at the beginning, just like I usually do. We had a bit of difficulty to start with… I’d made arrangements to pick up Scott Weider at the Portland Airport and […]

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Issue 73: Lincoln City Summer Festival

Well now… It seems like I darned near live here in Lincoln City, when I’m not living in either Vancouver, WA (our “official” home) or Long Beach, WA (our closest good “Flying” beach) that is… Anyway, I’ve been here often enough that the kite-van seems to know it’s way to Lincoln City all by itself. […]

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Issue 72: Lincoln City Indoor Kite Festival

Well, we’re back at it. Off to Lincoln City, OR again… Since it’s the end of March and it’s still in the middle of winter, the Eastern half of the country is beset by all that late-winter snow and ice – so we’re off for a weekend to go flying INDOORS… at the Lincoln City […]

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Issue 71: Kites… Life.

Quite often, it seems like we’ve got more pans in the fire than one could possibly keep track of, but they all feel “right” if you know what I mean… As we work on projects in various areas of kiting, there always seem to be more ways we can get involved in growing and promoting […]

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Flying Things

Issue 71: Dave’s World – Full Circle

Thirty years ago, I stumbled across a small kite festival at the D River Wayside on the beach in Lincoln City. It was a first time event run by Steve Lamb and his new kite shop called Catch the Wind. Although I was a committed kiter with a kite and line always in the trunk […]

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Issue 69: Lincoln City Fall Festival

Ah, Lincoln City, how I love thee! As I’ve discussed before, this is where I first flew a kite, and I suspect I have been to more festivals on this beach than any other. Which suits me fine. Despite it being a little short on actual sand when you compare to places like Long Beach […]

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Issue 67: Lincoln City Summer Festival

Yep. We’re on the road again… but this one’s almost a “local” – just a hop-skip-and-a-jump down the road for distance, and it kinda feels like “Home” because we’ve been down there so much. The nice folks at the Lincoln City Visitors and Conventions Bureau (LCVCB) do such a bang-up job that we’re down there […]

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