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15 - Steven Leonard does a 3D catch

West Coast Rev Clinic V

I have been flying kites for a long time, probably 25 years. I wouldn’t say that I was proficient with anything other than a 1 line kite. I am ok and am learning to trick with dual line kites but where my heart is, where I am I believe passionate about kiting is quad line […]

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Issue 77: Windless Indoor Kite Festival 2011

The longest running Indoor Kite Competitions and Performances in the world! (I think. Please let me know if I’m wrong.) I speak for everyone when I say thank you Scott Davis, Event coordinator and all around nice guy. You ROK! We truly appreciate all the work you have put into it. As the founder of […]

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Issue 70: Windless Kite Festival

Yeah, we’re on the road again, this time to the 9th Annual “Windless” Indoor Kite Festival – the oldest continual Indoor Festival in the USA. Every year, I’m kind of surprised by how young this “oldest” USA festival is, but then I remind myself that Indoor flying is really a relatively new activity on the […]

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Issue 62: WSIKF 2008 (Gallery)

Editor’s Note : Sometimes, best laid plans for a given issue fall flat on their faces. We’d intended to have a large article on what happend at WSIKF this year, but, given the terrible conditions that were prevalent that week, it was all we could do to simply come up with a gallery of pictures!

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Issue 59: Windless Kite Festival

Yeah – Kite-fests come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors…  From the “biggies” like the Asian Weifang fest in China and Gujarat in Ahmedabad India, or Chervia on the Adriatic coast or Berck Sur Mer in France, and let’s don’t forget about our own week-long Washington State International Kite Festival (WSIKF) right here in the […]

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Issue 52: Windless Kite Festival

The winter in the northwest can be an odd time. From about May to the beginning of October, there’s a kite event almost every two weeks but, once we’re into October, it quiets right down to nearly nothing for months. The addition of the event in Camas this year that Dave Shattuck wrote about last […]

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Issue 52: Windless Kite Festival (gallery)

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2006 Washington State Intl Kite Festival (WSIKF): Daily Updates – Day 6

Yep, this one’s late… Couldn’t be helped, however. After nine days on the road, the last two of ‘em getting only 4-5 hours of sleep per night, I was just plain wiped out. So there comes a time when all I can envision is a bit of food, a hot shower, followed by my pillow. […]

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2006 Washington State Intl Kite Festival (WSIKF): Daily Updates – Day 5

Today was a most interesting day that started out with a 7:00 AM wake-up call. The first order of business was to reassemble a couple of Rev 1.5s so we could free up the shower curtain rod in order to get a quick shower. The Revs that flew in last evening’s night fly were so […]

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2006 Washington State Intl Kite Festival (WSIKF): Daily Updates – Day 4

WOW, what a day! It all started with a 6:45 alarm, followed by the extra nice Continental Breakfast here at the Super 8 in Long Beach, WA. They put on a fine morning spread, and we all had enough to eat. Good thing too, because it got to be a l-o-n-g day at the beach […]

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