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Issue 81: Kites… Life.

New kites to look out for… The SuperFly After working with Carl Robertshaw for many years, we’ve been wondering if “le petite phenom” Chris Goff would start producing his own high-end kites… Well, wonder no more! The SuperFly Teaser from ChrisGoffKites on Vimeo.     Per his website: After over 8 months of development and countless […]

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Issue 80: Kites… Life.

Where are we, and where are we going? Here we are again, this time for our 80th issue of Kitelife… When I took over the reins from my friend Mike Gillard in January of 2003, I had no idea where it would lead, but I’m pretty pleased with what we’ve done over the past fifty-three […]

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Visiting the Doctor Fish in Singapore

Issue 79: From the Editor

From the Editor It’s been a great year thus far and we’re now past the halfway mark for our 2011 season – lots of great events, interviews and experiences already but we’re really looking forward to the “home stretch” with late season events like the Antelope Island Stampede, WSIKF, the AKA Annual Convention and others. […]

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Issue 78: From the Editor

Wow, seventy-eight issues! It always fills me with nostalgia, a lot of memories (both personal and in kiting) in the last 40 issues we’ve done. Honestly, I really didn’t have any idea of what I’d be getting myself into when I took over the reins from Mike Gillard in 2003 – I had some idea […]

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Daniel Prentice

Issue 78: ProFile: Daniel Prentice (pt 2)

Where have we been, and what’s on the horizon? In our last issue (#77), we started a two part interview with one of the most influential kite personalities over the past 30 years and we had the opportunity to ask him a little about where he came from, what inspired him to become a part […]

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Issue 77: From the Editor

Wow, talk about being buried with work! It’s been a busy year for us already having attended events in Texas, California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Florida… In addition to these travels, we’ve just completed the KiteMap.org website (see article in this issue) with the help of Andy Scott and a team of beta testers to […]

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Issue 75: From the Editor

We’re heading into the Christmas season and setting up our tree, approaching the end of the year and looking forward to a new one coming up – after twelve years since Mike Gillard started Kitelife, we’re still going strong, bringing you a wide variety of kiting articles, interviews, photos, videos and general coverage from all […]

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Issue 72: From the Editor

Well, I suppose I’d like to open up this issue of Kitelife by looking forward to the next one and encouraging you to take advantage of the resources we offer by sending in event reports, club or flier profiles, kite plans, photo galleries, historical pieces, “pre-event” press release articles, or anything that you might think […]

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Issue 72: REVisions – Odds and ends!

Are you ready for it? It’s nearly here!  A mere 3 weeks from this issue and Summer is upon us once more. This is easily my favorite season of the year, and as usual, I’ll fill it up with flying at various festivals over the next few months including a trip to Brookings in mid […]

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The editor at WCRC III

Issue 71: From the Editor

Wow, seventy-one issues… Can you believe we’ve been at it this long? Even since I took over ownership from Kitelife’s original owner Mike Gillard in 2003, we’ve done fourty four issues and a great deal has happened in the meantime, much of which can be found in our archived pages here on the site. We’re […]

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