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Tip drags

Issue 81: Hydrodynamics and Kites

Where wind meets water, flying through the barrier… First, a couple of big disclaimers… One – although I’ll be sharing some diagrams and references, this is NOT a scientific article by any stretch of the imagination (although I’m sure we’ll hear about that side too), I just figured I’d share some of the knowledge and […]

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Issue 79: REVisions – Essential Rev Upkeep

Essential upkeep for your Revs! Maintain your kite(s) So, with what’s been some rather windless weather here in Vancouver, I’ve found myself sitting down in the grass, either watching it grow or contemplating weighty topics to discuss here in Revisions. Well, ok, not so much of that but, what I do find myself doing is […]

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Issue 70: Guide to Nose Replacement

Materials needed: Soldering iron with pointed tip (30 watt, no more, no less) Metal Ruler Silver or White Sharpie Glass table (used for cutting fabric with soldering iron) Mylar Kevlar (or some other tough and durable fabric that can be melted together) Ripstop Nylon Sewing Machine Stitch Puller Lighter *Fabrication Notes Make all cuts with […]

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