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Video Cumulus (7-6-12)

Just a few of the kite flying videos we’ve enjoyed over the past couple of weeks… Some new, some older, but all great representations of kiting skill and spirit. We’re going a little Rev-heavy on this one, look for another genre next time! Gettin’ it Off My Chest Multiple Rev Flying by Steve de Rooy  […]

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Issue 66: Multiple Kite Flying (Windless Indoor – Outdoor Part II)

¡More than challenging and funny sport…! I would like to share with you new experiences about this sport – Multiple Kite Flying Windless Indoor – MKF Sharing new experiences about Technical issues Gustavo Di Si – March 2009 – Buenos Aires – Argentina Did you remember my first article about MKF Windless for two dual […]

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Issue 61: Multiple Kites Indoors

I would like to share with you some experiences and thoughts about this sport, practicing without wind. I mean, we try to fly Multiple Sport Kite Windless Indoor / Outdoor. My friends Polo Madueño – Architect – and Juan José Mosca – Artist – helped me to write this article. Flying Times & Reasons An […]

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Issue 53: Multiple Sport Kite Flying (part II)

Hi friends of Kitelife. Do you remember my first article about MKF? Well, this is the next level about it and I hope it will be a useful guide. So, are you ready to start? This time, I would like to describe my experience specifically flying 2 kites at the same time with some tricks […]

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Issue 51: A bench in Canada…

Thank you “Everyone” for the outstanding honor you have bestowed on me. What a total surprise, to be so honored by the BCKA and from Kite Friends from all over the world, plus one’s home town which even makes it a more heartfelt occasion. I have never felt so humble and so proud at the […]

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Issue 49: Multiple Sport Kite Flying

My aim in this article is to share my experience and a learning method about Multiple Sport Kite Flying with you. I hope this will be a useful guide for beginners. Being a pioneer in Argentina for this practice, I consider myself one of those in the world following in the steps of Ray Bethell, […]

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Issue 42: Good Stuff: A documentary!

For the first time ever, a kite-related documentary film has received major recognition at the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City… Conceived by Matt Nie, this 8 minute film features Ray sharing his passion for kites and his passion for life. “I do what I love to do, because I love to do […]

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