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Raupp Museum Kite Exhibit - Kites and Science

Raupp Museum Kite Exhibit

Flying pyramids, deadly string, and the importance of a tail (A totally ignorant museum staff discovers the coolness of kites) All we really wanted was a summer exhibit. That was how it started. Four museum staff members around a table, discussing ideas. “What if we did kites?” “That might be cool.” Little did we know. […]

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15 - Steven Leonard does a 3D catch

West Coast Rev Clinic V

I have been flying kites for a long time, probably 25 years. I wouldn’t say that I was proficient with anything other than a 1 line kite. I am ok and am learning to trick with dual line kites but where my heart is, where I am I believe passionate about kiting is quad line […]

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Issue 71: Rokkaku Workshop

Okay, we’re on our way again. This time, it’s Theresa Norelius and I – on our way to a Build-A-Kite Workshop at the World Kite Museum in Long Beach, Washington on that mid-February three-day weekend, “President’s Day Weekend.” And so, a couple of hours on Friday afternoon saw us headed over to Long Beach and […]

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Issue 48: WKM Sport Kite Workshop

All right, so we find ourselves loading the kite-van on Friday morning, May 11th – headed for John Barresi’s first “Instructing” engagement with the World Kite Museum. And, amazing as it sounds, we’re actually out of Portland in good time, with an easy trip ahead of us. Up I-5 about 40 miles to Longview Washington, […]

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Issue 39: World Kite Museum

What’s happening at The World Kite Museum (WKM)? Well… Actually, a fair amount! Way back in Kitelife issue # 31 (July/August 2003), we made a somewhat impassioned plea for YOU to help support the WKM in their efforts to expand their facility. The WKM has agreed to purchase the old Long Beach Fitness Center building […]

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Issue 31: Of Royalty and Friends

You got a favorite Kite? No, not that new one you bought a couple of months ago – an OLDER favorite? You know the one I’m talking about… The one you keep hidden in the bottom of your kite-bag – the one you swear you’ll never sell… – It might be the kite you took […]

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Issue 2: Smithsonian Kite Festival

Saturday March 28, 1998 brought wonderful 10 – 18 mph winds and temperatures in the upper 60’s and 70’s to the Washington Monument for the 32nd annual Smithsonian Kite Festival. This may not be the longest running kite festival in the United States but it can certainly be called the most special. It was established […]

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