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When it Becomes a Kite Routine

Amongst even recreational sport (stunt) kite fliers, the words “ballet” or “kite routine” (individual) are fairly common terminology and bring to mind someone piloting their kite through various maneuvers in time to a musical track either as a structured program (choreographed and planned out) or totally off the cuff – i.e. improvised “soul flying”… Regardless […]

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Issue 68: Kite Songs

Below are two different songs from the late 1800’s that happen to have the same name “DON’T FLY YOUR KITE TOO HIGH”. In addition to the sheet music is a midi file to provide a listen.

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Issue 41: Tangents w/out Trivia

“If it’s too loud! Your too old!” I think everyone has heard that expression. Maybe some of you have even said it before! It was an expression coined many years ago? Trust me, I was one of the people that said it back in the 60’s and 70’s. Sorry! But some music just needs to […]

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Issue 3: 4play

They say music soothes the savage beast.  Trust me, a kite zipping through the sky can be just that.  Music makes the flight of our kites make sense.  In precision, we are assigned figures and anything else is simply supposed to be a transition from one move to the next, basically a fancy way of […]

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Issue 3: Novice Class

Welcome to Novice Class for June, 1998. I have had the pleasure of attending the Maryland International Kite Exposition and the Wildwood International Kite Festival since submitting my last column to the editor. If you have recently become interested in kiting, you owe it to yourself to attend a large festival, take in the sites, […]

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Issue 2: Beginning Ballet

INTRODUCTION One of the most satisfying experiences of participating in sport kite events is being able to compete with a routine of your own design. Andy Wardley, the great UK flier once wrote: “…I want the world to see what I’ve done and like it (or even hate it, as long as they feel something). […]

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Issue 1: Editing Kite Ballet Music

One of the most difficult decisions our kite team has to make each season is choosing a piece of music to use for our ballet routine. When looking for music we want a piece that has an interesting beginning so we can grab the judges’ attention, a varied mid section that lets us display different […]

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